If your skin needs a little extra love this summer, this episode is for you. We’re sharing a kind of weird strategy that I’ve used for years to help support the skin from the inside out and get rid of blemishes for good. 

In this episode, we’re talking about Chinese face mapping for acne, radiance, and skin you love. 

Changing up your skincare regimen with the seasons: 

  • For example: Facial oils work amazing for me (Erica) during the cooler seasons, but during the summer, it congests my skin and gives me oil slicks. During the summer, I pare way down on oil during the summer and switch up my regimen to include more exfoliation. I also use clays to clarify and detox my skin. I also love steam to release congestion from my pores. Lastly, I move away from oils to using serums or lighter moisturizers during the day. 
  • FOR EVERYONE: up your hydration during the summer months. It’s important to make sure you are mineralizing your water for ultimate hydration. Add skin-soothing essential oils to your routine. In the summer, we love frankincense and sandalwood with almond oil as the carrier. 

Chinese Face Mapping for Acne 

Summertime can be hard for people with acne-prone skin. What is face mapping? Chinese face mapping is a tool that can help link what’s happening ON the skin with what’s going on INSIDE the body. 

Digestive Support 

Small and large intestine, stomach 

If you are experiencing breakouts on the forehead and middle of the chin, you may need some digestive support. 

  • Reduce your intake of inflammatory foods: sugar, processed foods, soda, takeout, etc. Increase your consumption of healthy, whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • Make sure you don’t overeat: overeating causes stress and inflammation in the digestive system, which can make it harder for you to process your food, and breakouts can be a result. 
  • Reduce stress in your life: many people carry stress in their stomachs; try to reduce stress in your life as much as possible. Check out our podcast episode on creating a less stressed mind this summer
  • Consider using digestive enzymes: to learn if you should be taking digestive enzymes, check out our episode about the benefits and uses for digestive enzymes
  • Practice deep breathing: inhale lavender essential oil to relax and unwind, take a bath or get a massage. 

Gynecological/Hormonal Support 

Reproductive organs, adrenals, thyroid 

If you are experiencing breakouts on your chin and jawline, you may need some extra hormonal support. Avoiding hormone disruption and xenoestrogens from our environments as much as possible is crucial to reduce these breakouts. 

  • Remove estrogenic foods from your diet: soy, genetically modified crops, etc. If you like soy sauce, look for alternatives like coconut aminos. Try switching to alternative milks like almond and coconut. 
  • Reduce use of plastics: plastic bottles and food storage containers carry xenoestrogens which can leach into what you’re consuming. Check out our episode on plastic and learn how you can remove plastic in your kitchen
  • Slowly transition from conventional personal care to more natural and organic products: check out these articles for our favorite natural body care products

Heart Support 


If you are experiencing breakouts above the eyebrows or below the nose, you may need some extra heart support. 

  • Exercise on a regular basis 
  • Eat healthy fats: avocado, flax seed, EVOO, wild salmon, high-quality fish oil supplements
  • Remove bad fats from your diet: soybean oil, vegetable oil, margarine, canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil 
  • Keep stress low: practice deep breathing, yoga, journaling, creating 

Lung Support 


If you are experiencing breakouts on the sides of your mouth, you may need some lung support. 

  • Get fresh air daily: walk outside, be intentional with your breath 
  • Air out your house periodically: open all windows, turn on the fans, let fresh air circulate through your house on a regular basis 
  • Use an air purifier: find a good air purifier to filter out toxins from the environment 
  • Avoid nail salons: or choose a nail color from a 5-free line like Spa Ritual, which is available at most spas 

Liver Support 

Liver, detox pathways 

If you are experiencing breakouts between the eyes and the sides of the eyes, you may need liver support 

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day 
  • Use lemon essential oil: lemon oil naturally stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to flush your body of toxins. Add one drop of lemon oil to 8 oz of water and sip throughout the day or make a tea by adding a drop of oil to ½ teaspoon of raw honey and warm water 
  • Regular massage: self-massage to help remove toxins that have been stored in your body’s muscles and tissues 

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