Ginger root is a superstar ingredient in our Organic Superfood Greens Powder. This superfoods supplement blend is specifically formulated to help deeply nourish, energize, and support immunity. So making sure we crafted it with a healthy dose of ginger was a no-brainer. If you’re not a huge ginger gal, or buying the root has proved to be super expensive and a pain to incorporate into foods, then this greens powder is your savior. 

Since ancient times, ginger has played a massive role in herbal medicine. In ancient India, ginger was called by its Sanskrit name, vishwabhesaj—or “universal medicine.” It has been an essential ingredient and prized herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Now, in our present day society, we need a healthy dose of this universal medicine, and here’s why. 

Benefits of Ginger:

  1. Increases immune function with help from it’s antiseptic properties that prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. It has long been considered medicine for coughs and colds. 
  2. Reduces inflamamtion thanks to its antioxidant properties that allow for slow aging and free-radical damage prevention. 
  3. Relieves joint and muscle pain because it is a popular analgesic, or pain relief properties. 
  4. Regulates blood sugar by preventing high insulin levels
  5. Lowers cholesterol in studies, but also raised beneficial cholesterol! That’s a win-win. 
  6. Aids in healthy digestion and bowel movements especially after eating! 
  7. Eases menstrual symptoms and pain, again, thanks to it’s analgesic properties. 
  8. Reduces nausea in pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy. 
  9. Fights fungal infections, again, with the help from its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 
  10. Protects from cancer with anti-cancer properties and compounds like 6-gingerol. 
  11. Improves brain function and has been shown to boost cognitive function in studies with middle aged women. 

To get these benefits of ginger and more, get our Organic Greens Powder.

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