56: Summer Series of Self Care – Creating a Less Stressed Mind

by Dr. Isaac Jones & Erica Jones, MHS


Summer is supposed to be the perfect time to relax and reset, but it can get stressful. In the first episode of our new self-care series, we’re talking about how we can all create a less stressed mind this summer. We dive into a self care plan, spiritual growth, summer fun ideas and more. 

Top tips for creating a less stressed mind this summer 

  1. Scale back on commitments: summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate and clear your plate 
  2. Increase time for yourself: schedule it or it won’t happen 
  3. Consider a “me” retreat: go away by yourself or with a close friend 
  4. Get out in nature: walk, ride a bike, take a hike, go for a jog, get by water
  5. Take time to reflect: journal these questions-
    1. How are you feeling about your life? What’s working and what’s not? 
    2. Are you living in the present?
    3. Are you accepting yourself and others for who they are? 
  6. Consider a social media, news, or screen time detox: less comparison, more in the moment  
  7. Do a challenge of making nourishing meals: be kind to your body with healthy, whole foods 
  8. Socialize: find time to be with the people that inspire you, lift you up, and love you. Community is such an important driver for your health and wellbeing. 

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  1. Great advice! Thank you!


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Meet Erica

Meet Erica Jones, MHS

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