In this episode, we’re diving into the best biohacking products and sleep tools for a deep snooze and ultimate rejuvenation. We’re sharing what we’ve been up to lately to biohack our own sleep and the new tool that we’re using and LOVING for understanding how to get our best sleep every night. 

Basics: Sleep Tools You Need 

Advanced Biohacking Products for Sleep 

  • Get a sleep app like Sleep Cycle or another app that allows you to track your sleep 
  • Oura Ring
  • The Batman Glasses ultra bluelight blocking 
  • Winding down earlier and getting to bed earlier 
  • Taking rest and recovery days when needed 

Featured in this episode… 

7 Must-Have Products for a Better Sleep Tonight 

7 Habits: The Sleep Episode 

The Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep

5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

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