The fact is that I used to be so embarrassed by my skin.

I remember picking up beauty magazines like Allure because they promised a “dewy glow just like Gisele!” All I needed to do was flip to page 89 and purchase their list of pricey products and I would have runway-ready skin in no time.

But it was NEVER that easy for me. As much as I want to say that I’ve always had clear skin, it’s far from my reality.

The truth?

I’ve bought beauty products that I couldn’t afford (on credit cards! While I was in college!) because I wanted to have skin that I could actually be proud of instead of the forest of acne that covered my forehead. Yes…I used the word forest.

After I realized that the beauty products were an epic waste of money, they were banished to the beauty product abyss.

Under the bathroom sink. Way in the back. That’s the place where I used to store all of my failed skin care purchases. Thankfully, a healthier lifestyle and my secret weapons (the 3 best essential oils for glowing skin) have kept me from creating another pile of skin care cast-offs.

Now, I can just use that space under the sink for storage. Who would’ve thought?

Another thing that I’ve done?

I’ve starved myself because I knew that I was eating certain foods that were fueling my dull-looking, blemished skin.

But I didn’t know which ones were the culprit and I was utterly confused by what I found online, so I just didn’t eat for 2 days. It seemed like the best way to prevent new zits from cropping up.

It sort of worked, but then I got super hungry – I mean, I was beyond hungry. I was hangry. And since I was depressed about my skin too, a cheesy pizza and carton of Ben & Jerry’s seemed like the only answer to alleviate my frustration. My skin wasn’t where I wanted it to be anyway (I justified to myself), so why not (over)indulge?


I shared all of that because it’s my story. And I don’t want you to think that I’ve never struggled in my skincare journey. Been there. Done that.

My skin today is the result of years of research, diligence and tweaking to find out what really is the secret sauce for getting that gorgeous, glowing skin that every woman desires.

That’s why I want to share what I know with you so that you, too can get the skin that you’ve always dreamed of. It really is possible when you know exactly what you need to do.

Essential oils are just one incredibly powerful tool that can help you get there.

Here’s the Best Essential Oils for Glowing Skin


Geranium – one of the best essential oils for glowing skin
Beauty Claim to Fame: Balances Skin pH and Regulates Oil Production

Whether your skin is too oily or too dry, Geranium is the answer. It works similar to a facial toner by balancing the pH of the skin. So, where you’re too dry it adds moisture and where you’re too oily it helps to regulate oil production.

No matter what your skin type, Geranium is a great choice because of its ability to bring balance – giving your skin exactly what you need.

Best Method of Application: Facial Steam

Facial steams are a “must-have” strategy in your skincare arsenal. Facial steams revitalize tired, dull-looking skin, they help to clear “gunk” from your pores and they boost circulation which can help remove dark circles.

Thankfully, you don’t need a professional quality facial steamer in order to get great results. You can achieve this all by yourself at home by simply boiling a pot of water. Learn all the steps on how to do that here.

Skin Care Fix: Busts Blemishes
Obviously, it’s kind of hard to have glowing skin if you’re also dealing with zits and breakouts. That’s why using Geranium in a facial steam is a great way to get your blemishes under control.

Facial steams act as a “mini-detox” for the skin and it’s why it’s a method used during any professional facial. It opens the pores allowing toxins and junk to release and it allows hydrating moisture (from the steam) to nourish the skin.

The added benefit is the Geranium essential oil which balances the skin and regulates excess oil which could later clog your pores and cause a breakout.

A facial steam is also the perfect primer for the rest of your regimen so that your products are super effective and absorb easily into the skin.

Beauty Bonus: Less stress!
The great thing about using essential oils in your beauty regimen is that they multitask like crazy. One oil can literally function in dozens of ways to bring more beauty and balance to your life.

Geranium has a “happy” floral aroma which is why it’s used so much in the fragrance industry. For many people its scent is very calming and it helps to lessen feelings of stress. Since stress can cause some of the worst, most painful blemishes, any time you can alleviate stress you are automatically boosting your beauty factor.

Another thing I love about Geranium? It always puts me in a good mood. So, while I’m steaming my face I’m also relaxing and going to my “happy” place. 🙂


Patchouli – one of the best essential oils for glowing skin
Beauty Claim to Fame: Smoothes and Tightens

Patchouli is that hardly known, rarely used essential oil that you may have been missing out on. This is one of the best essential oils for glowing skin because it acts as a natural astringent, meaning it contracts blood vessels.

The result? Skin that is naturally more tightened and smooth.

Best Method of Application: In Your Toner
I like using a toner in my skin care regimen because it helps to balance the surface of the skin after cleansing. I also find that a good toner helps to reduce the appearance of pores, it feels refreshing (especially after a long day) and it’s restorative to the skin.

Because the toner naturally helps to tighten, this is the perfect place to use Patchouli when it comes to your regimen. This essential oil will only enhance the results of the toner that you choose.

Skin Care Fix: Minimizes (appearance of) Pores, Evens Skin Texture, Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines

A hallmark of glowing skin is its smooth texture. If your pores appear large, the texture of your skin is uneven or you’re dealing with fine lines (also common with dry skin) it can be tough to get that glow.

Since a toner will hydrate your skin and the Patchouli essential oil will help to tighten, it’s a great way to minimize the appearance of fine lines and give the skin a natural face lift. Think of Patchouli as a natural skin smoother that tightens, tones and refreshes skin.

Beauty Bonus: Emotional Balance
On those days when things get cray cray and you need to reclaim your sanity, Patchouli is like a big “WOO-SAH” in a bottle. This essential oil helps to ground you emotionally so that if you’re feeling flighty and out of control you can get it together all with just one drop.

And nothing is more beautiful than a woman that is calm, confident and emotionally stable (I think the men would agree, here!).

Bet you didn’t know that you could become more sane AND smooth out your skin at the same time – that’s essential oils for you, girl. They multitask all day long and that’s why I LOVE them!


Sandalwood – one of the best essential oils for glowing skin
Beauty Claim to Fame: Nourishes and Restores

Indian Sandalwood -Santalum album (not to be confused with Hawaiian Sandalwood) has a sweet, but woody aroma. This oil is nourishing to the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and restore moisture.

If you want that glow, your skin needs to be able to retain moisture on its own (i.e. without having to use a bunch of products). The best way to get there is to hydrate from within by drinking lots of water. Get all the details on how much and why, here.

If you still want an extra something to take your skin to the next level, Indian Sandalwood is your friend. This is one of the best essential oils for replenishing and repairing dry, damaged skin and it will help you get that sexy glow.

Best Method of Application:  Moisturizer
Take advantage of Sandalwood’s natural tendency to restore and add this one to your moisturizer. Just one drop added to your regular application will help your lotion or facial oil go the extra mile so that your skin is silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Skin Care Fix: Hydrates and Restores Dry Skin
Kick that dull, dry skin to the curb and upgrade to a radiant, gorgeous glow.

Since Sandalwood is naturally nourishing it’s the best oil to have on hand to give parched skin the boost of hydration that it needs.

It also reduces inflammation, so if you’re dealing with redness or itchy, inflamed skin Sandalwood is soothing and it will essentially “pour water” on the fire.

Beauty Bonus: Deep Relaxation
Sandalwood’s earthy aroma is perfect for practicing yoga or meditation. Even if you aren’t a yogi or the thought of meditating makes you get all twitchy, inhale Sandalwood by adding a drop to the palm of one hand, rubbing your palms together and cupping over the nose.

Just three deep breaths will effortlessly help you unwind after a long day. Or you can add a few drops to your bubble bath for a deeply relaxing experience.

Now that you know the best essentials oils for glowing skin, which one are YOU most excited to try? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. I would love to get more knowledge around the topic and possibly bounce off some potential ideas off you. Great information, thanks for sharing these great post of Best Essential Oil.

  2. Using of this essential oil in skincare routine can give you best results. I use sandalwood oil daily at night which is not only keep the skin moisturized and glowing but also helps to prevents it from the signs premature aging.

    1. It truly is a wonderful routine. Loved hearing how Sandalwood is working so well for you! Thanks for sharing!