Collagen is the talk of the town these days and for good reason. It’s known as one of the best anti aging supplements on the market, and today, we’re talking about the top benefits of collagen for skin, gut health, and more. Let’s dive in. 

First thing is first: gut health is essential for radiant skin. Your skin appearance  is one of the strongest indicators of gut health. Unfortunately, Dr. Jones and I always see some level of gut damage in our coaching clients. This is all thanks to our overly-processed American diet: gluten, refined oils, conventional dairy, and food additives. 

Does Collagen Help with Gut Health?

Yes! Collagen is the “glue” that holds everything together. When it comes to healing the gut, collagen is supportive because it strengthens the integrity of the gut lining. When our gut lining is damaged, food sensitivities and skin issues can occur. 

How Collagen Directly Affects Skin 

  • Increases skin elasticity 
  • Helps to make skin more from and less prone to sagging
  • Improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture (dry skin is more prone to fine lines)
  • Moisture retention improves skin’s texture and appearance (smooth and soft vs. not)
  • Helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makes it easier for skin to retain plumpness
  • Helps to ease inflammatory skin issues (eczema, psoriasis and acne) 
  • But it’s not just the skin on your face,  it’s also the rest of your body 
  • Can improve cellulite, which occurs because skin has lost elasticity, rapid weight gain and weight loss can create this (pregnancy is a key time)
  • Can help improve stretch marks for the same reasons it helps with cellulite
  • Can improve scarring because of the amino acid arginine which helps protect the skin from free radical damage,e increases skin’s hydration and can help with collagen production 
  • Arginine releases nitric oxide in the blood; this dilates blood vessels and can help to improve circulation of blood 
  • Scars in particular need increased blood flow in order to heal 

Dr. Jones Q&A 

1- I am already dealing with gut challenges because I’m struggling with constipation and gut pain. I’ve heard people talk about healing the gut, but it seems overwhelming. Where can I begin with improving my symptoms?

Include fat in every meal to help support healthy cellular integrity. You can also take a good quality collagen. 

2- I’ve heard that gluten and certain other foods are damaging to the gut. But, I’m hesitant to cut out foods without evidence that I specifically have a gluten intolerance. My doctor said that unless I’m having a reaction to gluten, that it’s fine if I continue to eat it. How can I know if it’s really a problem for me?

Food sensitivities from gluten and frankengrains are extremely common today. These food sensitivities often cause fatigue and lethargy, and skin issues. 

3- I’ve heard that marine collagen is superior to bovine. Can you explain the difference and what type of collagen is in your Beauty Complex?

Our Beauty Complex contains clinically-proven, non-GMO bovine collagen peptides. It contains collagen boosters to increase the bioavailability and effectiveness by 3-10x. 

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