Schizandra berry is an adaptogenic herb with amazing health and beauty benefits—which is why we made sure it was in our Beauty Collagen Complex powder.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Schisandra is considered to foster qi, or life force energy. It’s an amazing adaptogenic herb to include in your daily regimen. Drinking my vanilla honey collagen every morning has been a total game changer for my skin, hormones, and overall health. Here’s why:

Schizandra Berry Benefits 

1- Improves Liver Function & Promotes Beauty: our liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the body and is necessary for proper detoxification. Healthy liver function can reduce signs of aging, stress, and inflammation on the skin. 

2 – Promotes Fertility: As a popular herbal tonic, It also works to promote general well being in the reproductive organs. 

3 – Supports Women’s Health & Hormones: Research also shows that schisandra positively impacts hormone production, including estrogen, which can help protect older women who are commonly experiencing changes in hormonal levels. 

4 – Reduces Stress & Nourishes Adrenals: The herb can also work to nourish our adrenals and tamp down overproduction of cortisol (the stress hormone).  

5 – Protects Skin Health: this natural beauty tonic that can protect against dermatitis, damaging sun exposure, and environmental stressors like toxins. Schizandra has been traditionally used to treat skin diseases as a result of inflammation.  
Our Beauty Collagen Complex is loaded with Schizandra and other incredible adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals for less stress, more beauty, and balanced hormones. Get your delicious vanilla honey morning ritual here.

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