Searching for the perfect essential oil brand for YOU can be hard. I would bet that you feel completely overwhelmed- just like I did when I started my essential oils journey. The internet is overflowing with big essential oil companies and blog posts, and they all seem to have an opinion on where to buy essential oils. But here’s the thing, the essential oil market is unregulated so the phrase “the best essential oil company” is very subjective. 

You can find essential oils anywhere these days, and that’s the problem! Too many choices that most end up just not choosing any. But you really want to get into essential oils, I don’t blame you. They are powerful tools that can replace OTC medication, most antibiotics, and other conventional remedies with not-so-great side effects. You’ve probably seen essential oils most places including your grocery store and gas station. 

So you’ve found yourself here because you’re on the hunt for the perfect essential oil brand, and maybe you’ve heard about Miracle Essential Oils and want to get the down low. Awesome! Because that is exactly what you will get after reading this article. 

I’m going to review and rate Miracle Essential Oils on a grading scale of A+ to F based on price, selection, and quality. To learn more about our rating scale go here. By the end of this article, you’ll be clear on whether Miracle essential oils is the right brand for you. 

But before we get into it, you must have a clear goal in mind. Are you looking to use essential oils for the smell or maybe some DIY cleaning products? OR do you want to reap all the therapeutic benefits that essential oils have to offer. You want deeper sleep, less anxious, more energy, and to get rid of that dang wart that your son has had for the past 2 years! 

If you want the therapeutic benefits than you need the real deal. Essential oils that are high in quality from a trusted brand. If you want to drop some in a diffuser just for the “smell good” effects, then a not-so-pure brand is not the worst idea. So get clear on your goal, and then read on! 

The Basics: Who is Miracle Essential Oils 

There’s not a whole lot of information on Miracle Essential Oils from what I can see. It looks like the brand was started in 2015 (according to the Facebook page). The about page feels like it was written for a big corporation – but the branding/marketing has more of small business feel. It’s hard to pinpoint what Miracle Essential Oils is all about or even what makes their brand special.


Miracle Essential Oils is priced on the high end compared to other companies with the same quan ty in the bottle. Here’s a review on some of the more popular essential oils and how they’re priced:

Lavender $24.95 for 15 mL

Frankincense $224.85 for 15 mL*

Peppermint $25.95 for 15 mL

*Note: They don’t actually carry a 15 mL bottle of Frankincense. It’s 5 mL, but to compare to other brands (apples to apples) I did the math to gure out the price for 15 mL.


They do have a small to medium sized selection to choose from. You will likely find all the popular staples and they even have what I consider “specialty” oils like Copaiba. But there are definitely gaps with their single oils selection. They do, however, have quite a few of their own blends to choose from. So, if their blends are the bomb then maybe it’s worth it to try a few. They do run specials each month so you may be able to snag a few bo les at a discount. As you will later learn, their blends are less than bomb. 

Here’s another annoying thing when I was searching on their website: they don’t have a search feature- I saw this almost 2 years ago and nothing has changed. Granted, they don’t have a huge selection of oils so I’m not scrolling and scrolling through pages but still-it’s a convenience thing – and pretty standard for online shopping. 


They have all of the basic testing represented on their site: GC-MS, FTIR, Refrac ve Index and Speci c Gravity. But there’s nothing really special there. They also don’t share any informa on with respect to their sourcing or their method for extracting each par cular essential oil (that’s something pretty common on other sites).

I’ll start by saying up front that I haven’t tried any of their oils. This is more of about my experience as a potential buyer. I decided that I wanted to try one of the Miracle Essential Oils blends since it’s a brand that people ask about so much. So, I went to their Facebook page and sent them a message asking what their most popular blends are. They responded within a few hours – a big plus!

Sleep and Bliss were some of their best sellers. So, I headed over to the site to check out what essential oils are in each blend. Those sounded like two that would be great to try. When I first checked out the Sleep Blend I noticed that the first ingredient was Glyceine Soja Oil. Unfamiliar with that term, I checked it out in the EWG Skin Deep Database – that’s my go-to when I come across an unfamiliar ingredient.

Soybean oil. Not my fave. It’s cheap, it’s highly genetically modified (GMO), known for disrupting hormones and I’ve never seen it men oned by any reputable source as a good carrier oil. So… not a fan of that. And I’m not a fan of the fact that it was the first ingredient listed on the blend. Ingredients are typically listed on packaging in order of prevalence. Going by that (very standard) rule that means that most of the bo le is soybean oil. No thanks.

Upon further investigation I noticed that many of their blends have weird ingredients. The Energy Blend is another that’s made with soybean oil. The Immunity Blend contains caprylic triglyceride an emollient that comes from coconut oil and glycerin. It seems rela vely harmless, but why not just use fractionated coconut oil? It’s recognized in the industry as one of the best (if not the best) carrier oil because of its particle size. It helps essential oils transport into the body through the skin.

The other thing is that they seem to have isolated essential oil compounds, such as menthol and added them to the essential oils. Since these compounds are found in the actual essential oil it seems that they have been isolated in a lab and added to the blends. This would mean that the compounds themselves are synthetic. Not my cup of tea. Not when I’m going for a natural remedy by using essential oils.

Miracle Essential Oils Rating 

Bottom Line: Miracle Essential Oils doesn’t really leave a lasting impression. The selection is okay, the info on quality is okay and the price is… a bit pricier compared to other brands on the market. Overall I’d say Miracle Essential Oils is not great. After looking into this brand further I can’t say that I would purchase from them.  Finally, Miracle Essential Oils gets a D on our rating scale. I do not recommend purchasing from Miracle Essential Oils. 

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