You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re in search of the best essential oil brand. Maybe you’re a newbie when it comes to essential oils or maybe you’re an old-timer looking for cheaper or better quality alternatives. Whatever your reason, in this article your going to learn about Eden’s Garden Essential Oils. 

From long blog posts to big companies, everyone seems to have an opinion about where you should buy essential oils. The essential oils industry is overcrowded and unregulated, which means the phrase “best essential oil company” is very subjective. The good news is that here, you will find no bias, only facts. 

From gas stations and drug stores to grocery stores and online, you can buy essential oils everywhere these days. I’m happy that the use of natural remedies for common issues like anxiety, poor digestion, and inadequate sleep is making a comeback. But with demand being higher that sometimes mean lower quality and care. 

Before moving on, there’s one thing you must get clear: what are your goals for essential oils? Do you want to drop lavender on your wool dryer ball to make your clothes smell fresh or do you want it to ease anxiety, promote sleep, and calm skin? Your goal is going to help determine which essential oil brand is right for you. 

If you want to make a couple DIY cleaning recipes then opting for a cheaper, not-so-pure brand is not the worst idea. But if you want therapeutic benefits then you need a pure and authentic brand. High quality is key. 

In this article, we’re going to deep dive into Eden’s Garden essential oils. I’m going to review and rate them based on a scale of A+-F based on price, selection, and quality. To understand our rating scale go here. By the end of this review, you’ll know if Eden’s Garden Essential Oils is the right choice for you. 

The Basics: Who is Eden’s Garden 

Eden’s Garden started out as a small project by one woman in a garage and has grown into a very large company that still focuses entirely on oils (unlike brands that offer a wide variety of other health and wellness products). If you take a quick peak online, you’ll find one great Eden’s Garden review after another- but do they deserve them? Here’s an overview of what I’ve discovered.


The Eden’s Garden essential oils are definitely in the moderate/average price range, as you can see. But keep in mind Eden’s Garden has a few different types of lavender and frankincense. These prices below re ect the types that are most common, but there may be some uctua on if you choose a different strain:

Lavender $13.43 for 15 mL*

Frankincense $22.43 for 15 mL*

 Peppermint  $10.43 for 15 mL*

*Eden’s Garden does not carry 15 mL bottles, so I went ahead and configured this price based upon the cost of their 10 mL bottles – that way you can have an easier me comparing essential oil brands.


The Eden’s Garden oils have quite the selection. First off, they o er 141 singles – so you’re going to have plenty of specialty oils to choose from (as well as multiple versions of some oils like I mentioned in the price section). They also have a very large selection of blends – I would even say one of the largest in the essential oil market. Some blends are formulated for par cular health reasons (like Digest Ease, Immunity, PMS Ease, or Head Ease); others are just nice scent combos (like Simply Citrus).

What I really love to see is their “OK for Kids” line – which consists of 18 safe blends designed with your little ones in mind. These include “Calm ‘Em Down,” “Bee Happy,” “Shoo Fly,” “Sound Asleep,” and much more. But before you go buying these for your children, let’s look at the quality of Eden’s Garden essential oils. 


Discussions about quality and purity do appear on the Eden’s Garden oils website. On each oil’s web page you’ll find botanical name, country of origin, extraction method, safety information, and GC/MS reporting. While this is all great, they don’t include anything other than GC/MS testing for their oils. However, their website says you can contact them for more information about analysis and MSDS, which is always a good thing to do. 

The problem I have with Eden’s Garden is that there is too little information about their sourcing, quality, and testing. This is why I was not surprised at the Consumer Advocate results. Consumers Advocate send out three of Eden’s Garden’s oils to get tested for adulteration. They found that lavender had indicators of adulteration. 

Bottom Line: Eden’s Garden essential oils seem to be offering decent quality and have a very large selection for a moderate price. Though they have fabulous customer reviews, they still lack the quality assurance that I search for when purchasing something I will use with my family. 

Eden’s Garden Essential Oils may be for you if you want average pricing with a good selection. I am rating Eden’s Garden a B. While they have some consumer education on the site, they still don’t go above and beyond like other companies. I would like to see more sourcing and testing information but I still believe they do much better than some of the other essential oil companies out there. 

Now I want to hear from you, have you ever used Eden’s Garden essential oils before? What was your experience? Drop a comment below and let’s chat

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  1. I really appreciate this review! It’s very well done and helped give me the info I was looking for when trying to find the right oils brand for my family! Thanks so much!