You’ve most likely ended up on this page because you’re on the hunt for the perfect essential oil brand for you, and you want to know if Organixx is it. In this post, I will review and rate Organixx essential oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. To learn more about our rating scale, go here

Being on the hunt for the best essential oil brands that fit your values, lifestyle, budget, and goals can be a daunting task. Searching through countless big companies and reading long blog posts, all claiming to know the “best essential oils brand,” may paralyze you, and you may end up choosing none—I know, I’ve been there. And because I love essential oils so much, I would never want that to happen to you. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know for sure if Organixx is your brand. But first, you need to know what your goal is with essential oils? Are you looking to make them a lifestyle or just an every-here-and-there use? Having a clear goal in mind will be the difference between spending hundreds of dollars for something you’re just somewhat interested in and spending under $50 on something you will actually get use out of. 

Now that you have your goal in mind let’s learn more about Organixx essential oils. 

The Basics: Who is Organixx? 

Organixx is an online wellness company that sells supplements, skincare, and essential oils. Their products range from protein powders, and probiotic capsules to a renew eye cream and a citrus oil super back. 

Founder Jonathan Hunsaker says that Organixx’s mission is to empower the consumer organically, whether that be through blogs and podcasts via their site or through supplementation offered in their store. 

Every order at Organixx helps save a baby’s life. A portion of every order goes to Vitamin Angel, an organization bringing vitamins to underserved mothers and populations. In addition to their vitamins getting rave reviews, their essential oils have over 10,000 5 star reviews! Let’s take a closer look at Organixx, shall we? 


At first glance, Organixx has pretty decent prices! They seem to fall in the middle of the pack—not too expensive, not too cheap. When I see oil prices that are so cheap, it’s always a red flag and makes me question the quality. Organixx seems like it could be a great affordable choice. 

Lavender: $19.80 for 15mL 

Peppermint: $18 for 15mL 

Lemon: $13.50 for 15mL 


Organixx offers some of the most popular oils like eucalyptus, oregano, orange, rosemary, and frankincense, in addition to the ones mentioned above. But that’s the extent. With only 12 oils and four kits as an option, customers interested in getting deep into the essential oils likely won’t find success here. On the other hand, if you just want to get into the most popular oils, Organixx may be a perfect choice. 

Their 12-pack health essential kit contains the top wellness essential oils like clove, eucalyptus, and frankincense. They also offer a 5-pack wellness kit, 3-pack bare essentials kit, and 3-pack super citrus kit. 

While I would like to see a little more selection, Organixx offers some of the most sought out oils for a pretty good price! 


Organixx makes it clear that their essential oils are made with indigenously sourced plants from the world’s best sources—exactly what we’re looking for. They are also 100% pure oils, USDA certified organic, and GMO-free. I love that Organixx is organic and GMO-free. 

In addition to providing quality information, they also have a whole page dedicated to answering common questions like “What is the extraction method?” “Where are your oils sourced from?” and “Can I use Organixx with my children and pets?”. 

The only thing I don’t see that I would like to is transparency and proof of sourcing, processing, and quality. I don’t know if they have batch numbers or not, but that would be my only other request. Otherwise, Organixx seems like they have excellent quality standards.  

Organixx Essential Oils Rating 

I am rating Organixx Essential Oils an A. They have great price and quality but are lacking in the selection department, but with over 10,000 5 star reviews, it’s hard not to give them an A. Organixx is an excellent brand for anyone looking to get started with high-quality essential oils. Though, if you wanted to dive deep into oils, then Organixx might not have the extensive selection you’ll need. 

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