Have you ever googled how to stop drinking energy drinks? The most common complaint we’ve heard over the years from clients is that they are tired all the time. Energy drinks just don’t do it for them anymore. We tell them it has a lot to do with mitochondria function.  In this episode, we dive into simple ways to optimize mitochondria for consistent, high energy. 

The Blueprint to More Energy 

Mitochondria Roles

  • Energy Production 
  • Cell Death 
  • Calcium Storage 
  • Heat production

How to Optimize Mitochondria 

  1. Protect your body from oxidative stress like environmental toxins, overload of physical and mental stress, etc. 
  2. Avoid foods that drain your energy like white bread, added sugar, energy drinks, caffeine 
  3. Avoid consistent, large amounts of alcohol because it can disrupt quality and duration
  4. Avoid low-calorie snacks, which can leave you feeling hungry and tired. Opt for high fat/protein for snacks 
  5. Stay hydrated 
  6. Try fasting 
  7. Exercise or movement daily 
  8. Use the sauna, sweat! 
  9. Use essential oils 
  10. Eat energizing foods to avoid the slump 
  11. Work on your gut health as slow digestion can leave you feeling sluggish 
  12. Work on your hormone and nourish your adrenals 
  13. Use adaptogenic herbs for extra help 

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