Starting your journey with essential oils can be daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, I bust the top myths people have around essential oils and shares easy-to-follow frameworks so that you can make oils a reality. I’ll dive into how to use essential oils and even share an essential oil guide with the best essential oil brands (and worst). 

No more destructive mindset—it’s time to upgrade your life. 

Myths about essential oils

  1. They’re a cure-all: you can’t neglect a healthy lifestyle just because you’re using oils. They are an enhancement to healthy living—not a substitute for it. 
  2. You have to be certified in aromatherapy to use oils effectively: you do not need to spend the time getting an aromatherapy certificate in order to use oils effectively 
  3. Oils are confusing and overwhelming: the internet can be overwhelming—too much information can make you want to give up. But oils can be really simple when you approach them in a step-by-step way. 
  4. “I already tried oils and they aren’t for me:” If you went all out and bought an oil kit but you’re still struggling to fit oils in your daily life, I can help. You owe it to yourself to learn how to use the oils that you’ve already invested in. There is an easy-to-follow framework for using oils that will help you feel empowered, confident and capable. 

Easy-to-Follow Framework 

  1. Know the basics: understand how oils work and methods of delivery. It’s all about knowing if and why organic oils are better and how to choose a reputable company. 
  2. Get confident on safety: understand the safety around topical, aromatic, and internal use as well as any specialized topics that you can relate to like using oils for pregnancy, kids, babies, and elderly. 
  3. Understand oils uses: this is the fun part. The “how-to”; oils for sleep, energy, stress, beauty, etc. Most people start here and skip the first two steps which is why they feel discouraged and overwhelmed.
  4. Find your flow: create a routine and daily habits that optimize your health and life.

Featured in this episode…

Essential Oils Starter Kit

The Best & Worst Essentials Oil Company Free Guide 

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