By far, one of the most-asked questions we get is: How can I get better sleep? And because we live in 21st century America, we can’t say we’re surprised by this. Sleep deprivation affects everything—from mood to food cravings to sex drive. Masking the root cause of poor sleep with over-the-counter melatonin or an extra shot of espresso the next day is not the way to do it. There is a way to get better quality sleep without forcing it. And the best part is, you’ll wake up energized and refreshed, in a better mood, and ready to conquer the day. 

Here are seven must-have products for better sleep tonight! 

7 Must-Have Products for Better Sleep 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

How much time do you spend tapping away at your smartphone or laptop up until bedtime? After a long busy day, do you love to relax by sinking into the couch and watching the latest episode of your favorite show? 

If too much technology has you suffering from horrible sleep and eye strain, correct it with blue light blocking glasses. 

Blue light can be super disruptive to your REM cycle and natural melatonin secretion. To combat disruptive blue light from your computer, phone, television, and even the lights in your house, sport these stylish blue light blockers. 

Not only will these blue light glasses promote a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep they will also help reduce eye fatigue and chronic dry eyes. 

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Five Minute Journal 

Do a million thoughts and worries prevent you from dozing off into a beautiful sleepy abyss? Put tomorrow’s to-dos to bed with this journal. All it takes is five minutes of opening up space to slow down and reflect to create a meaningful nighttime ritual that will help you clear your head before heading to bed. 

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Cell Phone Sleep Sack 

As we’ve learned, blue light from your cell phone interferes with melatonin (the sleep hormone) production. 

I know this might sound funny, but you should always put your phone to bed before putting yourself to bed. Instead of spending your nights scrolling through social media or missed emails, honor your bedroom’s sacredness by leaving your phone at the door (or hanging on the door in this case). 

This is a favorite ritual in our house. By putting our phones to bed, we prioritize family time (and more productive activities like reading!). Ever since starting to do this, we’ve realized our sleep, and family relationship has only deepened. 

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Signature Aroma Wrap 

Another common complaint we often receive is that people feel sluggish and sleepy during the day, but the second they get home or want to hit the hay—suddenly, they are full of energy. If you have trouble relaxing before bed, let me introduce you to your new best friend: the signature aroma wrap. The combo of neck comfort and aromatherapy (we love lavender oil!) will help relieve tension, stress, and mind chatter before falling asleep. 

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Essential Oils 

Speaking of lovely lavender, essential oils are excellent natural sleep promoters. I love this Ultimate Oils Starter Kit because it has the top ten essential oils for beginners, a diffuser, guide book, carrier oil, and roller bottles. 

Of course, for sleep, lavender is my absolute favorite. Adding a drop or two to my pillow, diffusing 3-4 drops, inhaling directly from the bottle, or mixing a couple of drops with a small amount of carrier oil and massaging into my feet and neck put me right to sleep. 

Other top oils for sleep include vetiver, roman chamomile, cedarwood, and marjoram. 

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To learn more about oils and my other favorite kits, go here

No Blue Light Alarm Clark 

Ok, so you might have been wondering how you would get up in the morning without your phone alarm clock. Simply and gently. These no blue light alarm clocks won’t just look nice sitting on your bedside table; they’ll also get the job done and wake you up right. on. time. 

The beauty of these vintage-styled clocks is that they won’t disrupt melatonin secretion, they won’t radiate harmful EMFs, and they won’t force you to use your smartphone first thing in the morning. These clocks are a no-brainer. 

For more EMF protection, check out our favorite EMF protective clothing.


Lambs is our favorite EMF apparel. It supports your immune system and fertility. Lambs created the only scientifically-proven technology that blocks EMFs (phone, 4G/5G, wifi, Bluetooth) to protect your health. Make the better choice with radiation-proof apparel you’ll love to wear. For our favorite EMF protective clothing, check out Lambs and get 15% off your order with code ELEVAYS15

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Bucky Eye Mask and Ear Plugs  

The final must-have product for better sleep is obvious: eye masks and earplugs block out light and noise pollution to get the rejuvenating sleep you deserve. 

But these aren’t the crappy kind that will fall off in the middle of the night or let light seep in. No, these have deeply molded cups that allow you to blink freely and sleep with optimal comfort. 

Whether you travel a lot and need a solid sleep on a flight, or if you’re sleeping in your bed at home—this eye mask will be your new best sleeping buddy. Don’t tell your spouse (; 

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  1. Dear Erica , thanks for sharing these awesome products list with us. I agree with you that the essential oils play important role in treating sleeplessness. I also liked the idea of other products like Aroma Wrap and 5 Minute Journal. I will get one of them surely. Thank you.