Contrary to popular belief, consistent, quality sleep is not a luxury. There’s no way we’d be able to chase behind 4 small kids, run businesses and make healthy choices each day if we weren’t prioritizing sleep. It’s so important. 

In episode 2 of our “7 Habits of Healthy People” series, we’re talking about sleep—and 25 tips to get better sleep. 

  1. Watch your caffeine 
  2. Stick to a schedule 
  3. Keep your bed to sex and sleep 
  4. Move your body 
  5. Wean off the water 
  6. Get up 
  7. Create a bedtime ritual/routine 
  8. Take a bath 
  9. Try relaxation techniques 
  10. Eat without heartburn 
  11. Rest when you’re tired 
  12. Nap smartly 
  13. Replace your mattress 
  14. Replace your pillow
  15. Reduce your daily stress
  16. Drown the noise
  17. Diffuse essential oils
  18. Drink herbal teas 
  19. Cool your room 
  20. Try sun gazing 
  21. Start grounding
  22. Reduce blue light 
  23. Try red light therapy 
  24. Extra sleep support 
  25. Get tested

Featured in this episode…

Blue light blocking glasses 

Essential oils for sleep article 

Essential oils starter pack 

Eye mask and ear plugs

No blue light alarm clock 

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