I’m on a meal planning kick, and in this episode, I’m talking about how to make meal planning easy. I’ll share meal planning for beginners and easy meal prep ideas to make your life easier, healthier, and more delicious. 

Meal planning is for you if…

  • You feel like you can’t get into a rhythm of eating healthy 
  • You want more control over your finances and budget 
  • You need less stress and a clearer mindset 
  • You want to avoid feeling like you’re in the kitchen prepping, cooking and cleaning all night

Steps to Creating Solid Meal Planning Ideas 

Brain Dump 

  • What meals do your kids like 
  • What does the whole family like 
  • What does a healthy meal that your family loves look like 
  • What are your go-to recipes 
  • What foods do you want to add more of into you and your family’s diet 
  • Highlight what you want to come back to 
  • What are you inspired to make 

Get Inspired 

  • Explore different websites, food blogs, and instagrams you love 
  • I absolutely love pinterest – searching on Pinterest “healthy recipes in 30 minutes” “plant based meals” “quick and easy meal prep” “whole 30 diet recipes” – it’s amazing. Get on there, girl! 
  • When you start to feel stale, you can go to your meal prep board on Pinterest and get ideas from there 

Put Together a Plan 

  • Go through the stuff you already have in your house and make sure you are not double-buying 
  • Write a list and go shopping 
  • If you use an app, 
  • Look at your recipes, see what you can do in advance. See what needs to be chopped, slices, pre-cooked, etc. You can make your rice on a Sunday for a meal on Tuesday. 
  • Get your kids, partner to help out. Gives kids an incentive ($) – bonding time, as well!! 

Goal: Compile a list of your first 10 recipes to rotate through. 

From there add in 1 new recipe a week and you’ll be well on your way to a database of easy meals. 


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