What is mindful eating? During the summer it can be hard to prioritize nourishment, but in this episode we’re sharing the top foods to keep you on track. You’ll learn about the benefits of avocado, the benefits of chia seeds, and more to make staying healthy this summer easy!  

Top 5 Foods for Nourishment During the Summer Season 


  1. Avocado: High fiber, low glycemic fruit perfect for making avocado berry bowls, easy snack ideas, salad toppers 
  2. Nuts/Trail Mix: Great source of omega 3 fatty acids and perfect for snacking to stay full! 
  3. Eggs: I love to make hardboiled eggs for a quick breakfast, snack, salad topper 
  4. Leafy Greens: throw into smoothies or get a good greens powder like our Immunity Greens powder 
  5. Chia Seeds: sprinkle over salads, add to smoothies 


  1. Avocado: Isaac loves to put avocado on brain gf crackers with o
  2. Kimchi: Great source of critical bacteria for good gut flora, digestion, and more. 
  3. Freshwater Fish: wild caught salmon is a must for omega 3 fatty acids and astaxanthin which you can get from our Beauty Collagen Complex  
  4. Kale: plentiful in nitric oxide the miracle molecule that is involved in nearly all aspects of health  
  5. Chia Seeds: healthy fats, protein, and fiber 


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