Feeding a family of six is no joke. In this episode I’m going to share my pantry basics shopping list that can make your meal planning ideas easy-peasy. 

If you’re like us and have a family, the hours between 4 and 7 are probably really busy in your house. I have found that it can be really difficult trying to think through a dinner plan when it’s crunch time. That’s why I make sure to keep my pantry stocked with staple goods that allow for easy, family-friendly meals that can be whipped up at a moment’s notice. 

Healthy Grocery Shopping: 10 Staple Pantry Items 

  1. Broth: 3-4 boxes of chicken broth in pantry to bust out a quick soup with some leftover proteins and veg 
  2. Stir Fry staples: coconut aminos, chili and curry pastes, fish sauce 
  3. Rice/Quinoa/Noodles for power bowls 
  4. Mango Chutney: adds lots of flavor to power bowls. One of my favorite combos is sweet potato, steamed spinach, roasted bell pepper, avocado, adn salmon 
  5. Marinara/spaghetti sauce
  6. Coconut milk cans (BPA free) 
  7. Taco shells 
  8. Mayo 
  9. Wraps: food for life and siete almond flour wraps are our favorites
  10. Protein: fresh and doesn’t have to be thawed (pack of chicken, ground turkey, ground beef) 


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