67: How to Stock Your Fridge for Fresh Salads on the Fly

by Erica Jones MHS


Before I met Isaac, I was on a steady diet of fast food and soda. I hated water almost as much as I hated salads. Fast forward to today and some call me a salad making connoisseur. In this episode, I’m sharing how you can stock your fridge for fresh salads on the fly. You’ll get a healthy salad ingredients list and quick and easy salad ideas. 

How to Stock for Fresh Salads 


  • Mixed greens, dino kale, spinach, arugula, 


  • Chicken, shrimp, salmon, steak 
  • Eggs
  • Beans, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa 

Complimentary Veggies: 

  • Cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, radishes, carrots 

Fresh Fruit:

  • Apples, oranges, pears, berries, squeeze of citrus 

Healthy Fats:

  • Avocado, EVOO, healthy grass-fed dairy, nuts, chia seeds  


  • Nuts and seeds – almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds


  • Dried fruit, raisins, cranberries, goji berries, olives, sun dried tomatoes 

Dress it:

Other Tips for easy and quick salads: 

  • Precook and precut your protein 
  • Pre-shred/ cut veggies 
  • Store your pre-made salads in mason jar
  • Cut lettuce with scissors 

Featured in this episode…

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