Are you partaking in these three things that are causing you to break out? In this episode, I’m sharing how to get clear skin naturally. I dive into how I cured my acne, the relationship between gut health and acne, and how to balance hormones for healthy skin. 

Breakouts can be really frustrating, I know from experience. I struggle with persistent breakouts into my mid-twenties! It wasn’t until after I dropped hundreds of dollars on ineffective skincare products and met my husband that I realized skin issues are largely an internal problem, not an external one. Getting to the root of why you’re breaking out starts with a look inward. Here are the three reasons you may be breaking out and how to fix it. 

3 Reasons You’re Breaking Out and What To Do About It 

1 – You’re not drinking enough water 

Water is essential for radiant skin, and if you’re not drinking enough water, your body’s lymphatic system is struggling. Our lymphatic system and other detox organs like the liver are responsible for flushing toxins and excess hormones from the body. When we have a build-up of toxins in the body, it can result in breakouts. For our detox pathways to function properly, they need adequate hydration! 

2 – Your gut is inflamed 

Did you know that your gut and skin communicate to each other on a cellular level? Because of this, your skin is one of the most vital indicators of your gut health and vice versa. Your gut has a huge impact on hormone health; in fact, some hormones like serotonin and GABA are produced in the gut. If gut health is off, hormone health is off, and when hormone health is off, you can expect breakouts. 

There is science that supports this. One study showed that people with rosacea have higher incidence of GI diseases. Another study found that patients with IBS may also experience skin disorders. When breakouts are digestive-related, they often happen on the forehead. If you are struggling with going to the bathroom or properly digesting or assimilating nutrients, your skin will tell you. 

One of the best things you can do to support gut health and healthy skin is by focusing on a whole foods diet. This means prioritizing whole fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein, and fat. It also means crowding out trigger foods like gluten, dairy, and sugar. 

3 – Your Hormones are Imbalanced 

If you are having persistent breakouts, especially along the jawline or chin or if you’re dealing with cystic acne, that usually means it’s hormonal. One thing I see women doing all the time that negatively impacts their hormones and skin health is skipping meals! Skipping meals or not eating enough creates serious blood sugar swings, triggering androgen-induced acne. 

Blood sugar swings can also happen if you eat too much sugar or processed foods and skip out on healthy fats, fiber, and protein. I recommend eating 3-4 consistent, balanced meals per day to balance blood sugar and support hormones. 

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