Need your grocery list for this week? I’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for the best foods for healthy skin and delicious foods for hormone balance, this is a must-listen. I’m diving into the must-have foods for beautiful skin and the top foods that regulate hormones. Skin health and hormone health are intrinsically connected, and if you want to age gracefully and go through your days with more ease and energy, this episode is for you. 

Foods for Healthy Skin 

  1. Bone Broth 
  2. Collagen 
  3. Avocado 
  4. Low-Mercury Fish 
  5. Maca Powder 

Dr. Jones Q & A Questions 

  1. I’m busy and I’ll admit that it’s a challenge for me to eat healthy consistently. What are some quick ways I can include healing foods in my diet without investing a lot of time?
  2. I’ve heard mixed things about soy. Some say that because it’s a phytoestrogen, it’s supportive for hormones, but others say that it should be avoided at all costs. What are your thoughts?
  3. What are your thoughts on the Bean Protocol for hormone support?

Featured in this episode…

8 Hormone-balancing Benefits of Maca Powder 

Our Beauty Collagen Complex 

Superfoods Supplement Collection 

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