Each day we have choices to make that can either move us forward on the journey of health and healing or keep us stuck. It’s really that simple. In this episode, we’re talking about simple rituals that you can add to your everyday life that are going to support you so that you can feel good and live well. 

Hydrate: drink half body weight in ounces, hydrate with electrolytes and pure water 

Spiritual, prayer, devotion time: ground and connect with yourself and spirit, breathwork 

Supplementation: liquid chlorophyll, Elevays Supplement Collection 

Prep for the next day: jot down objectives are for next day in physical planner 

Down time: spend time away from electronics, steam sauna, baths, conversation with significant other, drink herbal tea or magnesium for a good sleep, stretch, create space for yourself 

End day with prayer or spiritual focus: five minute journal, gratitude, prayer, breathwork 

Featured in this episode…

Stainless steel bottle 

Hydration Superfood Energy

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