Are you trying to get pregnant? Statistics show that about 10% to 15% of couples struggle with infertility. This breaks our hearts which is why we wanted to do this episode on natural strategies for getting pregnant. In this episode, we’re going to share with you our best tips as well as some of the thing we’ve personally done for each pregnancy. We hope this helps you. 

These tips will help promote egg quality and sperm motility. We encourage you to know your fertility to create the right timing for ovulation. 

Eat for balanced hormones 

  • Healthy, whole and organic foods diet 
  • Largely plant- and fish-based Mediterranean diet boosts fertility 
  • Dutch researchers found that women following a Mediterranean diet before an IVF cycle had a 40 percent higher chance of becoming pregnant boosts IVF cycle 
  • Organic or at minimum hormone and antibiotic free animal products 
  • A proactive hormone panel can help to target any problem areas 
  • Avoid soy as it disrupts hormones 

Remove as many toxins from home as possible 

  • Many toxins like fragrance (found in bath and body and home products) are hormone disruptors and can interfere with fertility 
  • BPA can increase the risk of infertility and miscarriage 
  • Phthalates that leach from plastics are xenoestrogens that disrupt hormones and make it harder to get pregnant 
  • Look at the ingredients in your kitchen, household cleaners, and personal care products 
  • Consider a full body detox 
  • Avoid EMFs. Consider EMF Protective Clothing.Lambs 

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Regulate your blood sugar 

  • Avoid sugar spikes (or too low blood sugar) 
  • Healthy fat is essential in regular meals and snacks 
  • High insulin is associated with infertility issues, especially PCOS 
  • Regulate stress, as high stress can through off a woman’s cycle and have an effect on sustaining a pregnancy 

Supplement with adequate nutrients 

  • Get on a  good prenatal multivitamin 30-60 days before you start trying to get pregnant 
  • Make sure you have a supply of adequate vitamins, fats, probiotics, minerals 
  • Hydration is key for cervical fluid and sperm motility 

Know your cycle 


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