2020 was the year of no travel, so this year we’re making up for lost time. Traveling with kids can be stressful and if you have some 2021 vacation ideas—we can help. In this episode, we’re sharing our best travel tips and tricks to help maintain energy, decrease stress, and maximize fun. 

  1. Tools for Myofascial Release: this can be as simple as a lacrosse ball or softer ball to help with posture and tension release 
  2. Essential Oils and a Compact Diffuser: oils are so versatile and helpful for bad scents, immunity, energy, sleep, and sunburn! 
  3. Eye Mask and Earplugs: for deep sleep, light pollution protection etc. 
  4. Grocery Delivery: pre-populated grocery list to get delivered to the airbnb to cook a couple meals. No need to go to the grocery store, already have food ready! 
  5. Bring your own essential oil hand sanitizer: hand sanitizing wipes handed out kill off the bad and the good bacteria. They even contain hormone disrupting chemicals. 
  6. Pre-packaged Snack Bags: apples, berries, gluten-free crackers, protein bars, sandwiches. 
  7. EMF Protection: There is a ton of radiation in the airport and the airplane. Opt out of the security screener and protect yourself with EMF blankets etc. You can also look into EMF protective clothing.Lambs 

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  8. Hydrate as much as possible: Eat foods that are more hydrating and bring a refillable water bottle. Consider adding a pinch of sea salt per liter of water. Also look into a hydration supplement

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