30: Immune Boosting Vitamins and Superfoods

by Dr. Isaac Jones & Erica Jones, MHS


Is it really possible to boost your immune system? We say yes. 

Being intentional about immune support should be a year round thing—not just during cold and flu season. In this episode, we’re sharing 5 vitamins and superfoods to start eating for ironclad immune protection. 

Boosting your immune system means improving or maximizing your body’s response to pathogens and environmental toxins. 

5 Essential Vitamins & Superfoods 

Vitamin C 

  • Must be obtained from external sources 
  • Essential cofactor in multiple enzyme reactions 
  • Increases antiviral activity in the body 

RDA mg/day 

  • 0-6 months 40AI 
  • 7-12 months 50 AI 
  • 1-3 years 15 mg 
  • 4-8 years 25 mg 
  • 9-13 years 45 mg 
  • 14-18 years 75 mg male, 65 mg female 
  • 19+ 125 mg male, 110 mg female 

Vitamin D 

  • Regulates immune response 
  • Supports maturation and function of key immune cells 


  • Plays important role in immune cell function 
  • Inhibits viral replication 

RDA mg/day 

  • 0-6 MO 2 mg 
  • 7 mo – 3 years 3 mg 
  • 7-8 years 5 mg
  • 9 to 13 years 8 mg 
  • 14-18years 11 mg male, 9 mg female, 12 mg pregnant women, 13 mg lactating women 
  • 19+ 11mg male, 8 mg female, 11 mg pregnant women, 12 mg lactating women 


  • Prevents viruses released from infected cells 
  • Effective both preventatively and after onset of illness 
  • Risk of elderberry 

Medicinal Mushrooms 

  • Chaga 
  • Maitake 
  • Shitake 
  • Reishi 


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