Calling all working moms seeking a balanced life. Mom burnout is real and in this episode Erica sits down with her fellow mompreneur and BFF Stephanie to talk about prioritizing wellness while balancing work and family life. 


  • Leaving your corporate job to follow your passion 
  • How to prioritize health when you feel exhausted 
  • Maintaining balance in family life while going after your dreams 
  • Being a good mom 
  • Family dynamics
  • Creating a “non-negotiables” calendar 
  • Questions to ask for clarity in work and home life 
  • Social media and boundaries 
  • How beliefs drive your life 
  • Advice for someone who wants to go after their dreams of starting a business 
  • Passions lead to purpose 
  • Summer beauty secrets 

You can find Stephanie at her website and on instagram at @stefaniestavola

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