Are you interested in getting started with oils but have a lot of concerns? I get it. Relying on the internet to answer all your questions about oils can feel a lot like drowning in a sea of contradictory confusion. Maybe you feel like you’re not qualified enough or that investing in oils won’t be worth it. Well, today, I’m debunking the top 4 limiting beliefs around oils I hear from those wanting to get started. So if you have tons of questions, concerns, and worries surrounding your essential oils journey, keep reading – you’ll feel better in no time. 

#1 – “Don’t you have to know a lot about essential oils to use them effectively? I don’t have time to become an aromatherapist!”

You do NOT need to be certified in aromatherapy to use oils confidently and effectively in your daily life! 

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs around oils that I hear. Yes, there are basic safety guidelines, methods of delivery, and ways to establish routines with oils – but you don’t need to spend hours and hours torturing yourself with all the science and chemistry. If all you’re looking to do is be able to use oils without having a Britney Spears breakdown circa ’07 – then becoming an aromatherapist is unnecessary. 

Once you understand the basics and learn them in a step by step way, oils are a piece of cake. 

#2 – “I’ve tried learning about essential oils, and I just get bogged down in all the conflicting information I see on the internet.” 

Oh, do I feel this one! Searching the internet to learn about essential oils is like sticking your hand in the middle of the ocean, hoping to catch a fish: there’s tons of fish but no direction or hope. The first mate tells you a spear is the best way while the guide tells you to use a rod, but neither teaches you formally or in a way you understand. Information is contradicting, and it just leads to unnecessary overwhelm, frustration, and discouragement.

As far as essential oils go, there’s a lot of confusion about which brands are best and which oils are really “pure”. It doesn’t need to be like this. Oils can be simple and straightforward when you learn them in an easy-to-follow way – from someone you can trust. 

#3 – “I went all out and bought a kit, diffuser, the whole-works! I just never use the oils! They probably just aren’t right for me.” 

This is the farthest thing from the truth! Anyone can reap the benefits of essential oils when they understand the framework of HOW to learn about oils. The problem is, when people start with trying to use oils before they understand the basics and safety, they lack confidence, and their passion for learning quickly fades. 

Using an easy-to-follow framework, you feel empowered, confident, and capable! There is a system to learning oils without experiencing overwhelm and I laid it out in this article. It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4! Here’s a little look: 

  1. Know the basics: understand how oils work and methods of delivery. It’s all about knowing if and why organic oils are better and how to choose a reputable company. 
  2. Get confident on safety: understand the safety around topical, aromatic, and internal use as well as any specialized topics that you can relate to like using oils for pregnancy, kids, babies, and elderly. 
  3. Understand oils uses: this is the fun part. The “how-to”; oils for sleep, energy, stress, beauty, etc. Most people start here and skip the first two steps which is why they feel discouraged and overwhelmed.
  4. Find your flow: create a routine and daily habits that optimize your health and life. 

If you think this framework seems doable, check out this 2 minute quiz to see exactly where you are in your journey and what the next best step to take is. Follow this system, and you’ll be golden! 

#4 – “I’m interested in essential oils, but will they really make that big of a difference in my life?” 

I can confidently say that YES oils will add tremendous value to your life, especially when they become a part of your everyday routine – because this is what oils have done for me and millions of people all over the world! 

I love essential oils because they have a variety of uses and they last long! This makes them highly cost effective. Oils can support sleep, energy, hormones, beauty and more. They can replace many unnecessary OTC medications and empower you to take control of your health. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves – oils can help you do that. 

Whether you’re interested in replacing chemical filled conventional products or you’re just looking to brighten and balance your mood, oils can add value, drive, and confidence to help achieve optimal wellness. They are an investment in YOU: your health, family, confidence, and happiness. 

I hope this helped alleviate your limiting beliefs around oils and gave you a little confidence to give them a go. All you need is a little step by step support to help you reach your goals. I took the deep dive 6 years ago and I wish I had started sooner! Once you experience the life-changing power of essential oils, I think you’ll feel the same, too.

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