Raise your hand if you’ve ever started something and then stopped because it felt too overwhelming at the time? Yeah…me too. 

I’m a systems girl. I like to have everything laid out in front of me in an organized, accessible, and approachable fashion. That way, I don’t find myself wanting to throw in the towel. 

We don’t have time to waste here! We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We want to be the best version of ourselves and that boils down to how we approach everything we do in our lives. Yes, that means essential oils, too. 

Us superwomen – we don’t half a$$ anything. That means that we don’t succumb to the internet overwhelm and give up when we can’t figure out the what, when, and how’s of essential oils. 

In the beginning, I also fell victim to the confusing mass of information on essential oils. Any of this sound familiar?

  • Multiple companies promising “the best, most pure oil” – which ones are really legit?
  • Long, drawn out blog posts on the history and chemistry of essential oils when all I really wanted to know was a quick way to use Lavender for a bug bite
  • Total confusion on the difference between “organic oils” and “therapeutic grade” – does this even matter?
  • Terrified of using improper dilutions or the wrong oils and possibly hurting myself or my kids
  • A determination to take oils beyond headaches and bug bites – making it a lifestyle thing – but no idea how to do it in a simple and easy way

Thankfully my determination was greater than my moments of frustration. My goal is to help you sidestep all of the confusion that I experienced on my oil journey. I want to help you avoid wasting money on oils that are adulterated or not from a reputable brand. 

I don’t want you to get stuck on the topic of “which brand is best” – instead I want to help you find the brand that’s right for you. Your perfect match. 

And I definitely don’t want you to get stuck with tons of oils that live untouched in your junk drawer because you never found your rhythm. 

Those days are over. 

You should feel empowered to use these powerful tools from nature, not paralyzed and confused. 

Like I said, I’m a systems girl. I like efficiency, I like easy. Can you blame me? I have 3 kids. Little boys that have insane energy. And we homeschool. I really don’t have much time (or tolerance) for wasted time. 

Here’s how I can  help you: I’ve dealt with the overwhelm of essential oils, boiled it down, put it in a framework, and conquered it. And now, I live it. I rely on my oils everyday to harness energy, relieve stress, clean counters, minimize wrinkles, relax muscles, boost immunity, soothe bug bites and bruises, and sleep like a baby. 

If I can do it, YOU can do it. Finding your rhythm with oils can be simple – before you know it you’ll be using essential oils everyday with ease. 

This is the framework on how to get started with essential oils in a way that is simple and easy 

  1. Know the Basics- Knowing the basics means understanding how oils work and methods of delivery. It’s knowing if and why organic oils are better and how to choose a reputable company. 
  2. Get Confident on Safety- there is nothing worse than questioning if you screwed something up. You don’t want to use an oil on your little one the wrong way but you definitely don’t want to spend hours trying to understand the dilution percentages. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Getting confident on safety includes understanding the safety around topical, aromatic, and internal use as well as specialized topics like oils for pregnancy, kids, and babies and elderly. 
  3. Understand Oil Uses- this is the fun part…the “how-to”; oils for sleep, energy, stress, etc. This is where most people START and this is the wrong take off point. This is what leads to frustration. You have to understand the basics and the safety first. 
  4. Find Your Flow- this is when you’ll create routine and daily habits. Most people never get to this step because they start and get stuck on number 3 and quit. But we’re not quitters are we, ladies?! 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4. If you think this framework seems doable, take this 2 minute quiz to see exactly where you are in your journey and the next best step to take. Follow my system and you’ll be totally confident and  competent in essential oil use. 

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