Low energy in women is more common than ever—but it’s definitely not normal. If you are struggling with exhaustion and you’re pretty sure you have adrenal fatigue, you will love this episode. Erica is diving into how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally, with 3 steps. 

How to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue Naturally 

1 – Stop looking for the magic bullet 

When I was struggling with adrenal fatigue, I had to finally realize that doing the same thing would warrant the same results. If I was going to really heal, some serious things needed to change forever. 

I was in a rut doing the same thing over and over: staying up late, not prioritizing sleep. I was sloppy and unintentional with self-care. I needed to make some serious mindset shifts, and if you want to heal—you do, too. 

2 – Get Tested 

One of the most important tests to get when suffering from adrenal fatigue isn’t what you think—and it’s not what your doctor is testing you for. Getting a food sensitivities test is necessary to understand what foods make your fatigue worse. 

Stress is at the root of adrenal fatigue, and a compromised gut only contributes to stress. Understanding the foods that are contributing to stress and worsening fatigue will help you understand a customized diet for healing. 

3 – Create a Plan 

You can’t tackle everything all at once with adrenal fatigue (trust me, I tried). Because energy is a limited resource, the approach has to be very strategic, giving you the most bang for your buck early on. 

Step one: consume half of your body weight in ounces of properly mineralized water daily. Next, you want to balance blood sugar. After that, you want to focus on:

  • Minimizing stress and regulating the stress response 
  • Establishing healthy circadian rhythms 
  • Optimizing nutrition with a customized plan
  • Support with supplements
  • Establish a self-care regimen

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