If you are struggling with staying energized and focused throughout your day, you’re not alone. Been there, done that, never going back. In this episode, I’m sharing how to get energy naturally—7 simple tips— and all I’m asking is that you start with ONE. Trust me. It will be a game-changer. After tuning in, you’ll discover the best breakfast that gives you energy, supplements for more energy, and the one thing you might not be doing, that’s wreaking havoc on your energy levels. 

Here’s a sad fact: most women I know are dealing with low energy in some way or another. I see a lot of us have just accepted this as “the way life is,”—but it doesn’t have to be. You will greatly benefit from these tips if you suffer from adrenal fatigue. They are going to help heal the adrenals and provide extra energy support where it’s needed the most. 

7 Tips: How to Get Energy Naturally 

1 – Start the night before: create a bedtime routine that allows you time to rest and relax your nervous system. Limit screen time, and wear blue light glasses if you will be looking at blue light before bed. 

2 – Choose your first meal wisely: nourish your body with a balanced meal that includes healthy fats and protein to prevent blood sugar crashes. Coffee is not a complete breakfast! I am personally obsessed with Superfood smoothies. 

3 – Get Supplemental Support: B vitamins support energy and hormones. 

4 – Stay Hydrated: dehydration is a major cause of low energy and brain function. I love our Hydration Superfood Energy for ultimate hydration, gentle detoxification, and natural energy. 

5 – Move Frequently (or rest): sedentary lifestyle can crush energy levels. Implement both an exercise and rest regimen! Yup, schedule rest time. 

6 – Get outside: sunlight is a powerful way to boost energy and get your daily dose of Vitamin D 

7 – Do Something For You: feeling like you have purpose and passion is essential for feeling energized! Create a space to unwind, check-in with what’s working and what’s not, and plan to have time just for you! 

Featured in this episode…

Hydration Superfood Energy powder 

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  1. I work overnight long shift. And a caregiver for my mom with dementia. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia March 2021 but nothing is helping I always feel like I have been hit by a truck

    1. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. I really struggled with crushing fatigue after each of my babies – this last one was the worst though. I would wake up and feel like I hadn’t slept at all. We’re offering a free video series soon on how to improve your energy through lifestyle strategies. So much of what I’m sharing is what I’ve used personally to overcome debilitating low energy and we’ve also shared a lot of this information with our consulting clients. If you’re not on our email list, you can get access by taking the quiz on the home page or sign up for the coaching program waitlist.