How to get deeper sleep—that is the question. And in this episode, you’ll find the answer. Dr. Jones and Erica share the benefits of deep sleep and their top 6 natural remedies for more rejuvenating beauty sleep.

First up, melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that tells your body that it’s time for bed, but unfortunately, in our modern world, many of us lack this crucial hormone. Blue light from our phones, iPads and even our lamps inhibit melatonin production. By wearing blue light glasses 2 hours before bedtime, you can help increase melatonin production. Taking a melatonin supplement is also another way to get a deeper, more restful sleep when you can’t seem to fall asleep.

Now, there is much sleep aid debate over which is better: melatonin or magnesium. And the answer is, it all depends. Magnesium helps you calm down the nervous system, preparing the brain to go into quiet mode. Because magnesium is a mineral (that most Americans are deficient in) and not a hormone (like melatonin), there is less concern with taking it every day. Melatonin signals your body its time for sleep, so while it will help you fall asleep faster, magnesium will help you stay asleep longer. You’ll also have a better chance of feeling refreshed when you wake up.

Another favorite natural remedy for sleep is CBD, especially the salve. Erica loves to use a CBD salve to relax her body before hitting the hay. CBD works with our endocannabinoid system to calm us down and chill us out. If you are restless before bed, a great way to get deeper sleep is to massage CBD salve onto your body.

When it comes to sleep, you’ve also got to focus on comfort. What sheets you line your bed with are essential to your quality of sleep. Get yourself some linens you can’t wait to jump in. When you’re comfortable, there’s a better chance you’ll sleep deeper. We love Lux Linen.

After your sheets, we’re talking blankets—specifically, weighted blankets. If you’ve never heard of weighted blankets, then there is one thing you should know about them: they can calm anxiety! If you get anxious before bed or can’t seem to stop your mind from worrying, a weighted blanket is an excellent natural remedy for a deeper sleep.

Last but not least, keep your room super cold, around 67 to 69 degrees. A cold room is the quickest way to get cozy and fall into a deep, blissful sleep.

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