39B: Rookie Mistakes with Essential Oils- Overcoming Overwhelm

by Erica Jones MHS


I believe that essential oils are the most powerful and underused, natural remedies for health conscious families in the 21st century. They enhance mindfulness, making us more self-aware, intuitive, productive, less stressed and ultimately more fulfilled. So, if oils have so many benefits, why do so many people struggle with getting started? Or find them to be overwhelming? We’re going to dive into why in this episode.

4 Reasons People Start Using Essential Oils 

Essential Oils Buying Guide
  1. They value natural solutions 
  2. They want to feel empowered that they can do something simple and meaningful for their wellbeing that doesn’t require a doctor or other health practitioner 
  3. They want convenience and ease of reaching for an oil and experiencing transformation with just a few drops of plant based therapy 
  4. They want to save money; oils are cost effective 

But how do you make essential oils a reality? 

4 Easy Steps to Make Essential Oils a Reality 

1.Know the Basics: How to choose a reputable essential oil company; Understanding how oils work and different methods of delivery 

Essential Oils Buying Guide

2.Get Confident on Safety: Learning about proper aromatic, topical, and internal use; Low-quality brand risks; Essential oils industry is not regulated 

3.Understand Oils Use: How to use oils for beauty, hormone balance, better energy, better sleep, digestive support, stress relief, DIY ; What are the best oils to start with 

4. Find Your Flow: Making a routine of oil use that is customized to your daily life 

Featured in this episode…

Ultimate Essential Oils Buying Guide 

Essential Oil Company Brand Reviews 

Essential Oils for Detoxification and Gut Health Workshop 


Consumers Advocate Article

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