Even though we live in a first world nation where we have an abundance of food, so many people are still dealing with nutrient deficiencies. Vitamin B is one of those that can really create a lot of issues if you’re not getting enough. Today we’re talking about the glaring signs of Vitamin B Deficiency, who’s most at risk and what you can do about it.  

B vitamin deficiency is a leading cause of neurological impairment and disability throughout the world.

Top 7 signs You may have vitamin B deficiency: 

  1. Fatigue/weakness 
  2. Irregular Heartbeat
  3. Dizziness/Shortness of breath 
  4. Pale or Jaundice Skin 
  5. Moody/Mental Confusion or Forgetfulness 
  6. Unsteady Movements 
  7. Vision issues 

Tune in to learn how these symptoms relate to low vitamin B levels and how you can improve levels naturally. 

Featured in this episode…

Essential Oil for Detoxification and Gut Support Workshop 


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