There are a lot of things out there wreaking havoc on your health these days, from GMO foods and pesticides to invisible radiation waves coming from your cell phone.  And protecting your home and family requires a whole new level of vigilance. I know it can be a lot, which is why I care about doing the research for you and sharing how to stay on top of things.  

One of those things we stay on top of in our household is EMFs, so I want to share with you all the basics about what they are, why you should avoid them, and when you can’t avoid them… how to protect yourself and your family.  So if you’re curious about the best EMF protective clothing and other tools, keep reading. 

What Are EMFs?

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation, or EMFs, is a problem of our modern times.  And the truth is, we probably won’t know the long term effects for another 50 or more years.  You may be familiar with EMFs or you may not, but let me break it down for you just in case.

EMF radiation is caused by electrical devices like microwaves, cell phones, or WIFI routers.  Cell towers also give off a lot of EMFs as do high voltage power lines.  So if you live near any of these you may be experiencing higher than normal EMF exposure. People who live in big cities or apartment buildings will also have a higher exposure. Just think about all those WIFI networks popping up for you to join constantly, that’s a lot of waves!

You can read much more about EMFs here but just as a quick recap, here are some of the effects of EMF exposure on your body:

  • Tingling in the body, especially the arms and hands while holding a cell phone.
  • Insomnia 
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Dizziness
  • Infertility, especially in male sperm count
  • Inflammation
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Higher risk of cancer

As you can imagine, EMFs have a stronger effect on children since their bodies and brains are still developing. This is especially true for a growing baby during pregnancy, which is why it’s important to really be aware of your exposure during pregnancy.  

When you think about kids spending hours in front of screens watching TV and playing video games, does it worry you?  It worries me, because who knows what kind of long term effects this is having on their minds and bodies.  But I also know, making a “no screen time” rule feels almost impossible when all of these things are so normal in our culture. Besides, sometimes as a mom you just need a moment to get things done and handing over an i-pad feels like the only option. 

So what to do to balance out some of the dangers of EMFs?  Here are some easy solutions to minimize your exposure:

  • Avoid using items like microwaves.  Not only do they emit a ton of radiation but they also zap the nutrition out of your food.
  • Turn off your WIFI at night.
  • Unplug your devices, especially when you’re using them.
  • Download podcasts, movies, and video games instead of streaming them.
  • Use speakerphone instead of having your phone plastered directly to your ear.
  • Employ a rule in your household about phone use.  Apply it to the whole family, not just your kids. Remember it’s not so much what you say as what you do that leaves an impact. 

But what about if you just can’t avoid it?  And I know there are a lot of those moments in life. I mean we can’t all just quit our jobs and go live in the country totally off the grid. One solution I’ve found to protect me and my family are tools that literally block out or minimize the EMF’s that come your way: there are even different types of clothing that can do that for your head and body, which comes in especially handy for your kids or a pregnant belly. So if you want to know more about the best EMF protective clothing, keep reading!

What is EMF Protective Clothing?

It sounds wild and kind of high tech, but it’s not.  You know when you go to the dentist or any other doctor for x-rays and they cover you up with a heavy apron?  That’s because it has materials in it like lead that provide shielding from most of the damaging effects of radiation exposure.  

So what is EMF protective clothing made of? Obviously you can’t go around wearing lead aprons in day to day life, but there are other lightweight materials like silver and copper that are equally as effective.  These kinds of EMF protective clothing filters radiation by blocking them in the same way a closed door might muffle noise from outside. It doesn’t shut it out completely, but it tones it down. The best EMF protective clothing will give you a decent amount of protection, while also being lightweight and comfortable. 

So what kinds of EMF protection clothing can you buy?  I’ve seen shirts, undershirts, dresses, underwear, and even an EMF beanie. Most of them wear more like an undergarment, as the style can be a little lacking!  But that’s not always the case. So what should you look for in EMF protection clothing?


Like anything, make sure to read reviews and check to see if the clothing has been tested for effectiveness.  If you have an EMF meter you could always check it for yourself at home! But many companies will test their own and share how good they are at reducing radiation.  Something to keep in mind is that no clothing will provide total coverage, but the best EMF protective clothing will at least shield whatever part of the body it’s covering.  This could be especially important for pregnant bellies.


Because metals are stiff, they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear, looking misshapen and awkward.  The best EMF protective clothing will use silver, aluminum or copper threading, making it a bit more flexible and comfy.  If it’s not comfortable you won’t wear it, so make sure to read reviews and get something that people find wear-able. Some of them are also bright silver, so unless that’s your style make sure it can be used as an undershirt. 


If it doesn’t have some kind of metal in it, it won’t protect you from EMFs.  If you want to make sure you’re getting the best EMF protective clothing out there, look for aluminum, silver, copper, or mylar. Another thing to consider is how much of these metals are actually in the clothing. If it only contains 1-2% of silver or copper, then it’s probably not too effective.  The best EMF protective clothing will contain a much higher percentage of metals.  

For our favorite EMF protective clothing, check out Lambs and get 15% off your order with code ELEVAYS15

Why Do You Need EMF Protective Clothing

I talked a little bit about the negative effects of EMFs earlier, but let’s get down to why it is important to wear the best EMF protective clothing and who will benefit from it. 

Pregnant Women

One of the most important times to avoid EMFs is during pregnancy. An unborn child is highly sensitive to EMFs because their brains and nervous systems are still developing. Not only that but they are swimming in fluid, which is conductive.  So basically any EMFs the mother is exposed to will be magnified for them in the womb.  

Wearing something like an EMF shielding blanket while using the computer or in the office, could be an important protective measure for your baby in utero.  I also recommend a 5G protective blanket if you live in a city with 5G. 

Men Wanting to Protect Fertility

EMFs definitely have an impact on sperm production, and if a man carries around a phone in his pocket day in and day out, sits at a computer for work, travels on a plane regularly and is exposed to an apartment building full of WIFI signals at home, it could really affect his fertility.  

The best EMF protective clothing for men would be underwear that shield him from negative radiation. These work specifically to block radiation to the part of his body that’s most vulnerable.  And although it won’t completely block EMFs, it can definitely help!

EMF Sensitive Individuals

While you may not notice the EMFs around you, some people are highly sensitive to them.  This can cause headaches, tingling in the body, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and all sorts of side effects just from walking around in the city or flying on an airplane. 

For these people who suffer the most from EMFs but can’t totally avoid them, the best EMF protective clothing might be a shirt with a hood that can be pulled fully over the head, ears and neck.  In these cases, fashion is not the most important thing, avoidance is. 


Since children are more sensitive to EMFs, it’s important to shield them as much as possible during these developmental years.  While it’s not possible to avoid them completely, the best EMF protective clothing for kids might be an undershirt along with a baseball cap to protect their heart, lungs, and brain.   

I hope I’ve given you an idea about why you should consider EMF protective clothing for you and your family.  For me, it’s kind of a no brainer, because if there is anything I can do to lessen the effects of EMFs I’ll try it. 

So if you’re ready to dive in, I’ll tell you where you can find the best EMF protective clothing. 

Best EMF Protective Clothing Suppliers 

So far I haven’t seen any EMF clothing in stores, but luckily there is quite a bit to choose from online. So if you’re wondering where you can find EMF protective clothing online, here are some of the companies I’ve found that are legit. 


Lambs is our favorite EMF apparel for supporting fertility, immunity, and overall health. Lambs created the only scientifically-proven technology that blocks EMFs (think phone, 4G/5G, wifi, Bluetooth) to protect your health. This is radiation-proof apparel you’ll actually love to wear. For our favorite EMF protective clothing, check out Lambs and get 15% off your order with code ELEVAYS15

Belly Armor 

Belly Armor is another EMF protective clothing for expecting mothers, with a great reputation. They’ve been featured in all kinds of big publications like the New York Times and won awards for effectiveness. And there are a ton of options to choose from, like belly bands, blankets, camisoles, and even little hats and nursing blankets for baby.  The options are stylish and can be used as outerwear too.  

EMR Solutions

Another fairly reputable company is EMR solutions, based out of Canada. They have a variety of options, like the hoodies I talked about earlier, baseball hats, beanies, gloves and underwear.  They even sell an EMF protection paint and fabric if you wanted to design and make something yourself.  


Most of these are completely silver and reflective in color, so probably not something you’d wear out and about, but they work great as undergarments.  You’ll find their full line of products on Amazon, including mens and womens underwear as well as maternity clothes. 

EMF Clothing

This company is based in the UK but they have a pretty extensive line of clothing from EMF protection caps and hoodies that cover the whole head to long sleeve shirts and pants you’d actually wear in public. You’d find shielding mats, bed canopies, cell phone pouches, and even curtains. They carry multiple brands and even source to some brick and mortar shops in England.

So if you’re ready to try finding the best EMF protective clothing start with these companies and follow your instincts on what you want to try first.  How is EMF protective clothing rated? It is either effective or not depending on how the EMF meter reads, but, reviews will often give you the best idea of whether it works or not.  People who are sensitive to EMFs can feel the difference, so I love to read ratings and reviews from people’s first hand experiences.

So what about you, have you tried it for yourself? Do you know where to find the best EMF protective clothing? I’d love to hear your input and any tips you might have for lowering EMF exposure for you and your family.  Leave us a comment below and share your experience!



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