You’re likely on this page because you’re looking for essential oils and you want to find the perfect brand for you. If you’re just starting your essential oils journey, searching for an essential oil brand that will meet your needs while helping you reach your goals can be hard. This is why it’s so important to have a clear goal in mind. 

Why do you want to use essential oils? Are you looking to mix up a DIY all-purpose cleaner or are you looking to get rid of that nasty toe fungus and kick insomnia to the curb? Your goals are going to determine the essential oil company you go with, and here’s why. If all you want to use essential oils for is to make your laundry smell lovely then going with a less expensive, not-so-bure brand is not the worst idea for your wallet. BUT if you want to reap powerful, therapeutic benefits of essential oils than you need a high-quality brand you can trust. 

And so here is where the hard part – the overwhelm – comes in. With the resurgence of natural remedies for common ailments like anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, etc, essential oils are in high demand. Which means that there are a lot of companies to choose from. From long blog posts to big companies, everyone has an opinion on where to buy essential oils. But because the essential oils industry is unregulated, the phrase “best essential oil brand” is very subjective. 

That’s why I’ve decided to rate and review the brands that people have the most questions about. I’m going to review and rate Healing Solutions Essential Oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. To read more about the specifics of our rating scale, go here. By the end of this post you’ll know if Healing Solutions is the best essential oils brand for you. Ok, do you have your goal in mind? Good. Let’s dive in. 

The Basics: Who is Healing Solutions?

Healing Solutions is a company that focuses primarily on essential oils. The only thing they sell outside of the oils are diffusers. And Healing Solutions essential oils reviews seem mostly favorable online. Now here’s my Healing Solutions essential oils review:


The Healing Solutions essential oils prices are low and seem to have some fluctuation – which I always consider to be a good sign. More precious oils should cost more than more readily available oils. With Healing Solu ons you have two buying options: an oil of the month club with various options that sends you new oils each month (example: $19.95 per month for one regular essential oil and one premium essential oil) or regular buying. Examples of their pricing is below. Frankincense is still on the low side which is concerning for me considering this is not common practice with the top essential oils brands:

Lavender $6.50 for 15mL* 

Frankincense $7.50 for 15mL 

Peppermint $6.50 for 15mL

*Healing Solutions sells their oils in 10mL, 30 mL, and 60 mL bottles. I simply cut the 30mL price in half to give you a comparison price.


Selection is definitely not an issue for Healing Solutions essential oils. They offer a really large single oil selection, including lesser known oils like bay leaf and thuja. Just about any single oil you’d want is here. They also have 26 blends, and again, you can find about anything you’d want – from a meditation blend to an anti -aging blend. When it comes to sets, you have a large selection yet again. They have an Ultimate Family Doctor set with 28 oils, a Beginner’s Blend of 14 oils, a sinus relief set, a relaxa on set, a love and passion set, and the list goes on.


Healing Solutions talks about their purity guarantee and highlights their full- time doctor who works to analyze the oils. But their quality doesn’t appear to be as transparent as they suggest. Some of their oils say they have had GCMS test ng and even allow you to pull up the results, and that’s great. I love it. But their other oils do not have that informa on available, nor do they say they’ve been tested. GCMS testing is not a luxury – it’s honestly the bare minimum. They also don’t mention any other important testing. This is a bit of a problem for me. Their website doesn’t provide information on country of origin, extraction methods, or even the science/botanical name…all of which is important for choosing quality oils.

Healing Solutions Rating 

Bottom Line: Really big selection, really convenient blend options, but really lacking quality information. Their website does mention that they are expanding their testing efforts. Once that happens, and we get more quality information, Healing Solutions essential oils could be a really viable option for enthusiasts.

I’m giving Healing Solutions a C. A C is Average. This company falls in the middle of the pack. Not the best and not the worst. Often there are substantial opportunities to improve in one or more areas. These oils are typically best used for their aroma or what I call “smell good” oils.

Use for therapeutic benefit likely won’t get results that you’re happy with.

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