Winter is upon us and with winter comes dry-cracked skin. Whether you struggle with overly dry skin all year long or just this season, we’re giving you the top tips recommended by dermatologists to heal your dry-cracked skin naturally.

Before we get started, dry-cracked skin does not refer directly to eczema, a common skin condition that should be tackled from the inside out. Although people who struggle with eczema should consider diet change, these natural remedies may help soothe or reduce irritation.

How to Heal Dry, Cracked Skin

Limit Shower and Bath Time, Reduce Temperature

You know when you’ve spent too much time in the pool or bath when you start to get shriveled raisin fingers. If you have dry-cracked skin, you never want to get to the point when your fingers start pruning.

Limit shower time, and make sure to take warm showers instead of blazing hot showers. Immediately after a bath or shower, make sure to moisturize with a hydrating oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil or an all-natural fragrance-free moisturizer.

Don’t Overwash or Over Sanitize your Hands

COVID-19 made everyone excessive hand washers. In addition to conventional soaps, hand sanitizers are extremely harsh and drying for the skin. If you need to absolutely wash your hands, always keep some lotion or oil in your bag. And remember, they should always be alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and retinoid free. Dermatologists say that avoiding these ingredients will help your skin retain its natural oil.

Add Moisture to the Air

Investing in a humidifier will help keep moisture in the air and thus moisture in your skin. This is especially crucial during the winter months or if you live in a dry region. Your home heating system may have a humidifier on the system, so check that out first before purchasing one.

Wear Gloves When Outside

If it’s cold out, wear gloves. That extra layer will help protect from damaging wind and temperatures, which can exacerbate dry skin and lead to cracks.

Use Gentle Skincare Products

Before buying a moisturizing product, or anybody care product for that matter, make sure they’re non-toxic. We don’t want any harsh chemicals irritating already raw skin. Instead, reach for natural body cleansers like jojoba, coconut, and olive oil. Other ingredients great for cracked skin are shea butter and rose oil!

Essential oils

There are awesome essential oils out there that can help with dry, cracked skin. First and foremost- lavender. Lavender essential oil is one of the best oils for soothing and repairing skin. Add 1-2 drops to a little bit of coconut oil and massage into areas of dryness. Frankincense is another oil perfect for healing dry skin. Frankincense can get to the cellular level and help repair and rejuvenate. Combine 1-2 drops of frankincense with lavender and coconut oil, and you’ve got yourself a trifecta for soothed, hydrated repaired skin.

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