Millions of people rely on coffee every day to wake them up in the morning or push them past that afternoon slump. While caffeine can be a cheap and convenient way to can give us a quick energy boost until we’re able to rest, there are some downsides to consider. For starters, when consumed even in small doses, it can create an addition with some serious withdrawal symptoms. Not to mention the whole other host of problems like jitters, crashes, and poor sleep.

If you’re looking to break your dependence on your morning cup of joe, we’ve got you covered with the top coffee alternatives for better, natural energy without all the cons.

The Best Coffee Alternatives

To Sip 


MUD\WTR gets us. The company got its start all because the founder Shane Heath began to realize his three coffees per day were leading to anxiety, jitters, poor sleep, and other negative side effects. He decided he didn’t want to rely on hundreds of milligrams of caffeine a day to wake up the same way he didn’t want to depend on a pill to fall asleep. And mostly like you, fellow reader, Shane didn’t want to give up his morning ritual, so he set out to make something better. 

Mud is crafted with energy and mood loving ingredients like cacao, chaga, cinnamon, cordyceps, himalayan salt, lion’s mane, masala chai, reishi, and turmeric. Not only is this coffee alternative insanely delicious and loved by all those who drink it, it’s also effective at satisfying your morning ritual needs and helping you complete your to-do list. 

In fact, Melissa Urban, founder of Whole 30 says, “I get a wicked boost in focus after drinking my morning Mud, without the jitters and anxiety that made me give up caffeine in the first place.” 

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Four Sigmatic 

Four Sigmatic is a food and beverage company specializing in mushroom-based drinks, including coffee-replacements and wellness elixirs. With almost 30 caffeine-free products, you’re bound to find something that will make you trade in your cup of Joe forever. But for the sake of your precious time, we’re going to list only the most popular favorites:

Golden Latte with Turkey Tail

For the wellness lover, morning journaler, and afternoon pick-me-up 

Four Sigmatic’s Golden Latte is referred to as a “soothing cup of mid-day sunshine.” With coconut milk powder for that smooth and creamy latte feel, a full serving of turmeric, and a healthy dose of turkey tail mushroom, afternoon trips to the coffee drive-thru will be a thing of the past. Support immunity and defend against disease with this latte alternative. 

Lion’s Mane Elixir 

For the black coffee drinker, early morning thinker, I-have-so-much-to-do guy, mushy brain complaints 

This high dose, caffeine-free genius of a powder isn’t called “Think” for no reason. Lion’s Mane is popularly known as the brain-boosting mushroom and for its smooth and earthy finish. For the days when your brain feels like mush, and you can’t seem to find the words, Four Sigmatic’s Lion’s Mane Elixir will help you. 

Chai Latte with Reishi and Turkey Tail 

For the coffee-for-dessert girl, late-night creative, and chai latte lover 

Four Sigmatic’s Chai Latte is packed with stress-reducing and wellness boosting Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms. These mushrooms are perfect for helping you chill out so creativity can flow. If you’re an avid chai latte drinker, kick your sugary addiction with an all-natural alternative with only 1g of sugar.  

Customers love it for winding down at the end of the night—the perfect nighttime ritual. Whether you like your chai in the morning or the night, Four Sigmatic’s blend will have you hooked. 

Focus Blend 

For the hard worker, project crusher, A+ student 

With focus blend, your brain will have a new best friend. Forget about caffeine, this focus blend is full of powerful ingredients that will help keep you sharp! Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola for productivity, Bacopa and Mucuna for creativity, Cordyceps and B12 for energy, and Cacao and Blueberry for antioxidant properties. I’m just sharper from typing that. And cacao and blueberry? I’m drooling. 

Kicking coffee and caffeine can be one of the hardest things you ever do. Trust me; I’ve been there. But with power, all-natural alternatives crafted with ingredients from the earth, your withdrawal won’t stand a chance. 

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Elevays Superfood Supplements Collection

for those who want it easy and they want it effective 

Our Superfood Supplements Collection is a line of powder supplements for long-lasting energy, strong immunity, ultimate hydration, radiant beauty, and daily detoxification. Our Hydration Superfood Energy is refreshing and rejuvenating and the perfect coffee alternative.

To Swallow 

If you’re one of those people who drinks coffee solely for the caffeine and oomf and hates the taste, you’re going to love these coffee supplement alternatives. 

Moon Juice SuperYou 

Improve focus, energy, and mood with this clinical strength blend of adaptogenic herbs that regulate cortisol and reduce stress. Ingredients like Shatavari root extract, organic Amla fruit extract, Rhodiola root extract, and Ashwagandha extract will help reduce physical and emotional fatigue. Consistent use of SuperYou will help boost energy and mood so that you can get done what needs to get done. Without the crash of coffee. 

Qualia Mind Nootropic 

Qualia’s Mind Nootropic will help power up mental performance, fuel cognition, and support long-term brain health. Formulated with ingredients from the earth, this natural stimulant is designed to lift brain fog and fuel focus and concentration. 

Nootropics are substances with cognitive enhancing effects. While they can range from prescription drugs to magic mushrooms, we’re only talking about the fully-legal, all-natural kind, like Qualia.

If you struggle with mental clarity, physical energy, or willpower when you haven’t had your coffee, then taking Qualia will help amplify everything, naturally, so you won’t need your daily cup. Don’t believe me? Ben Greenfield refers to it as his “God Pill.”

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Ditching coffee doesn’t mean ditching your morning ritual or saying goodbye to the fresh smell or deep taste. It doesn’t even mean losing productivity. The list of coffee alternatives we dove into are delicious and effective alternatives. No more jitters, crashes, anxiety, or poor sleep. Just a good morning cup (or pill) of something good.

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