Stress in modern life is unavoidable: like from the toxins in our air. But then there is avoidable stress, like bad food habits. The food we consume, whether it be the way it is processed or the way we consume it, can create unnecessary stress in our bodies. In this episode, I am sharing 8 bad eating habits that create unnecessary stress in your life and how to fix them. 

First up: eating in front of the TV. This is probably one of the more obvious bad food habits, but most of us can’t seem to kick it. After a long day’s work, the only thing that sounds appealing is vegging out on the couch with takeout and binge-watching your new favorite show. (Which inevitably turns into binge eating!) When you eat in front of the TV you’re not being mindful of your meal. This creates stress (especially if you’re watching something scary/dramatic!), inhibiting proper digestion and assimilation of your food and nutrients. When you watch TV and eat, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your food, yourself, and others. The easy fix here: say no to TV until after mealtime. Be present with your food and offer gratitude for your plate. 

Another common bad eating habit is skipping meals. Fasting has a purpose when it’s done intentionally, but when you start skipping meals because of work or some other engagement, you create stress in your body. The fix here is to create a fallback plan for those busy times. For example, in the morning, I know I will have a lot going on with 4 kids, so I always use our Beauty Collagen Complex for a quick and easy balanced meal. It’s packed with protein, vitamins, adaptogens, and superfoods. 

The third bad eating habit is eating on the go. Fixing this is easier said than done, but we want to avoid eating in a stressed-out state because our digestive system is not working properly when we are stressed. Be mindful of your mealtime and make it a priority to fix this. Nourishing yourself is number one, not only for your health but for others around you. Putting yourself first will have amazing impacts on your whole life. 

Another common bad eating habit is eating while working. I have a super hard time with this. But again, work can be stressful sometimes, and when you are eating in a stressful state, you are not allowing your body to absorb nutrients and digest food properly. Which in turn, creates even more stress. The fix? Protect your lunchtime! I know that as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to book things over lunch or review a document, but it’s also the best time to get a real break and chance for a reset. Being present during a healthy meal will help that. 

Number five is keeping food in your house that’s not in line with your nutrition goals. It’s as simple as this: if you want to avoid eating something, keep it out of the house! If you are easily tempted with sugary, processed foods, keep them out of the house. Stock your pantry up with snacks you won’t feel guilty about eating. That way if you have a craving, you’re more likely to reach for something healthier. The easy fix here is to stock your pantry only with foods that align with your nutrition goals. Make sure your pantry and fridge are full of options so that you are motivated to choose something healthy and delicious every time. 

Next up is not creating a meal for plans. Healthy eating doesn’t just happen; it’s planned. If you want results, you need to put in the work. I know meal planning can seem daunting, but the keyword here is planning not prepping. Now, a week in advance, just write down what you want to eat for the next seven days. That way, you know exactly what you are going to cook on Tuesday night, and you are not overwhelmed trying to think of something and then end up ordering DoorDash. Spending time meal planning doesn’t have to be elaborate; just think ahead so you don’t make any rash decisions. 

The seventh bad eating habit is not getting enough water. Ok, you don’t technically eat water, but not getting enough water increases cravings, hunger, and stress. Stress in the body leads to lower energy, brain fog, headaches, and migraines. Without proper hydration, your body can’t function optimally. The fix here is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. Drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning (before your coffee). And if you have a hard time getting water done, consider a hydration supplement. We love our Hydration Superfood Energy powder. It helps to infuse water with vitamins, electrolytes, and superfoods. The best part? It’s strawberry-kiwi flavor makes it easy to drink more water. 

Finally, the last bad food habit is eating when you are stressed. When you’re stressed you have extreme tension in your gut. Your body takes resources from digestion to deal with stress. Not only can this cause IBS and constipation, but it can also lower nutrient absorption and increase susceptibility to food sensitivities. If you’re stressed out before consuming a meal, sit with yourself, ground, and take a couple of deep breaths. Be present with your food and thankful for it.

This episode is all about helping you adopt better eating habits. Take one thing from this episode and try it out. I hope this episode has been helpful for you. 

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