Brand Review: Amazon Essential Oils

by Erica Jones MHS

Brand Review Amazon Essential Oils

Ah, Amazon. One of the best parts about Amazon is the insane selection – and the ridiculously fast delivery. Searching for “essential oils” on the site will give you 100,000+ results. With a huge selection though, comes a wide range of quality. If you’re looking to make essential oils a lifestyle than I’m going to say right off the bat that Amazon isn’t the best idea. That’s because it won’t offer you the resources and quality information that you would get buying directly from a brand. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a couple oils to use on your laundry or your countertops, than Amazon may not be the worst idea. This is why it’s crucial to have a clear goal in mind when buying essential oils. 

If you want the therapeutic benefits of essential oils (think anti-aging, sleep promoting, anxiety releasing) than you need the perks of a company whose passion is essential oils. But if you don’t want to go through all the trouble and are set on Amazon for your essential oils than keep reading to learn more about their pricing, quality, and selection. 

We’re going to review and rate Amazon’s essential oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. To learn more about the specifics of our rating scale, go here. Let’s get started. 

Amazon Essential Oils Pricing 

To look at prices, let’s first look at the brands that Amazon offers. For the brands we already have reviews on we’re going to compare the prices on their site vs. the prices Amazon offers for essential oils. Next to their name will be that company’s overall rating. 

doTERRA (A+)

Lavender $28 retail, $21 members for 15 mL

Frankincense $93 retail, $69.75 for members for 15 mL

Peppermint $27.33 retail, $20.50 members for 15 mL

Amazon doTERRA 

Lavender $30.67 for 15 mL

Frankincense $74.98 for 15 mL

Peppermint $29.33 for 15 mL


Lavender $5.99 for 10 mL 

Frankincense $9.99 for 10 mL 

Peppermint $7.99 for 10 mL

Amazon NOW 

Lavender $9.90 for 10 mL 

Frankincense $7.01  for 10 mL 

Peppermint $9.68  for 10 mL

Eden’s Garden (B)

Lavender $10.45 for 10 mL

Frankincense $10.95  for 10 mL

Peppermint  $10.45 for 10 mL

Amazon Eden’s Garden 

Lavender $6.95 for 10 mL

Frankincense $16.45 for 10 mL

Peppermint  $6.95 for 10 mL

Aura Cacia 

Lavender $12.95  for 15 mL 

Frankincense $29.82 for 15 mL 

Peppermint $8.90  for 7.4 mL 

Amazon Aura Cacia 

Lavender $13.50  for 15 mL 

Frankincense $20.45 for 15 mL 

Peppermint $7.38  for 15 mL 

Plant Therapy 

Lavender $10.95 for 10 mL 

Frankincense $11.95 for 10 mL 

Peppermint $7.49  for 10 mL

Amazon Plant Therapy

Lavender $10.95 for 10 mL 

Frankincense $11.95 for 10 mL 

Peppermint $13.95  for 10 mL

So as you can see, the comparison between amazon and brand sites is very similar. 

Amazon Essential Oils Quality 

When it comes to the quality that Amazon essential oils offers, we need to look at brands. Amazon offers 15 brands, some of which we’ve already reviewed and rated. Here’s the brands Amazon carries and their overall rating. Click to read more. 

Aura Cacia B


Eden’s Garden B


Plant Therapy

To understand quality, we need to understand a company’s sourcing, harvesting, and distillation process. When an essential oil company shows that they run the basics tests on their essential oils to show purity, that is going to be a good sign. But if they go above and beyond and allow customers to see the exact test results for their bottle, that is an even better sign. 


Amazon offers 15 brands with over 100,000 results. So yes, if we’re talking quantity, Amazon has got the selection. But think of it this way, if you want to really get into essential oils and make them a lifestyle, then Amazon has the goods – but not the support that you might need. And that’s understandable because Amazon doesn’t specialize in essential oils. 

If you’re looking to just make cleaning recipes and just need a couple of oils, Amazon has the essential oils you need along with the amber spray bottles! That’s when Amazon’s selection, to me, comes in handy. 

When searching for essential oils on Amazon you’ll see a sidebar that shows the brands and departments (i.e. aromatherapy products, essential oil blends, alternative therapies, etc) so you can easily narrow down your search and find what you’re looking for. That being said, so does almost every essential oil company on their site. 

So when it comes to selection, Amazon essential oils is extensive, but sometimes that can be overwhelming. Too big of a selection requires you to research brands and compare prices. Probably leading to time wasted. 

Overall Rating 

Because Amazon offers a wide selection of decent brands at average pricing we’re rating Amazon essential oils a B. Because Amazon makes delivery so easy, it might be a no brainer for some to order oils from there. Again though, if you’re looking to make essential oils a lifestyle it would be a better idea to find a company you trust and love and order from them so that you have all the resources and customer service at your fingertips.

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