You’ve probably landed on this page in hopes of finding the best essential oil brand for you. Searching online for the most reputable essential oil company can be a daunting task – and if you’ve already begun your hunt you know that it is extremely overwhelming. 

From big companies to long blog posts, everyone seems to have an opinion on where to find the best essential oils. But here’s the thing, the essential oil industry is unregulated so buzzwords like “100% pure”, “therapeutic”, and “best essential oil company” are, well…very subjective. 

Essential oils aren’t hard to find. From gas stations to food stores to online, you can find them almost everywhere these days. With the resurgence of natural strategies and remedies for common ailments like anxiety, low energy, trouble sleeping, and compromised immune systems, essential oils are the front runners. There is a reason why people say, “there’s an oil for that.” 

Most likely, you’re here because you’ve heard of doTERRA essential oils and you want to know if they really are all the rave. You’re looking for an objective review and rating of the brand – and that is exactly what you’re going to get. 

In this article, we’re going to rate doTERRA essential oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. To check out the specifics of the rating scale, go here. 

But before we move on, it’s crucial that you have a clear goal in mind. Are you planning on using your essential oils to make your home smell good or maybe to whip up some DIY cleaning recipes? OR are you looking to harness the therapeutic benefits?

If all you want to do is make your house smell inviting, then a not-so-pure, cheaper brand is not the worst idea. But, if you want to boost mood and treat skin conditions then you need a high-quality brand you trust. 

Now that you have your goal in mind, let’s dive into our brand review of doTERRA essential oils. 

The Basics: Who is doTERRA? 

Let’s talk about the MLM giant in the room – doTERRA. Easily one of the most discussed essential oil brands online, you may be wondering what all of the hype is about. doTERRA started in 2008 and in 10 years has become the largest essential oil company in the world leading the industry by a long shot. But why is that? And is bigger always better? Let’s do a doTERRA oils review to shed more light on this company and what they’re all about.


doTERRA’s pricing is more on the high end of the market. Because it’s a Multi-Level-Marketing company the best way to order is going to be through their membership ($35 to join). This saves anywhere from $2 to $45 on any given oil since membership ensures you get the lowest price. Below we’ll compare the different essential oils and the membership vs. retail pricing that they offer:

Lavender $28 retail, $21 members for 15 mL

Frankincense $93 retail, $69.75 for members for 15 mL

Peppermint $27.33 retail, $20.50 members for 15 mL

As you can see, even the member pricing is on the higher end for doTERRA’s essential oils. Their Frankincense (which was higher than most of the oil companies rated as an A) does contain all 4 types of Frankincense (carterii, sacra, papyrifera and frereana) while most other companies only carry one strain which definitely affects the price.


doTERRA has a pretty large selection of essential oils even carrying some of the more exotic oils like Copaiba and Neroli. They also have some very popular blends that many people love and swear by such as OnGuard – their immune boosting blend, Breathe – their respiratory support blend, and Serenity – their calming, relaxation on blend. For anyone looking to use oils as a lifestyle they will have all of the popular singles and a wide variety of blends and other oil op ons to choose from.


This is where doTERRA really shines. Of all the essential oils companies that were researched doTERRA has the most comprehensive (and transparent) information on about their essential oils. doTERRA is the most researched essential oil brand in the world and the medical community is taking notice. doTERRA’s oils are now offered in hospitals and health facilities across the United States – an accomplishment most other essential oil companies cannot compete with.

If you visit their site they go into a lot of detail on their quality process and how they source their essential oils. And this is probably the thing that stands out the most – they source their essential oils from 40 indigenous countries around the world to support the purity and authenticity of each oil.

They also have a platform called Source to You that goes into further detail on their process and even allows you to view quality reports on your specific essential oil using an ID number printed on the bottle.

doTERRA Essential Oils Rating 

Bottom Line: No other company has the amount of transparency on process and quality that doTERRA has. Reviewing this information on their site makes me very confident that they are committed to producing pure essential oils, but it does come at a premium price. Indigenous sourcing and all of the quality testing costs money, so use this brand if you’re willing to invest more for the best quality.

doTERRA gets an A+ on our scale which means that they have out of this world value, quality, and experience for customers. Ideal for using essential oils for therapeutic benefits and for those who want to make essential oils use a lifestyle. This company goes above and beyond in customer experience as well. doTerra is a great company if you’re just getting started with essential oils because you will have access to a TON of literature and resources that will help you get started quickly and easily.

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