You may have landed on this page after long hours of searching far and wide for the best essential oils brand for you! Maybe you’ve heard about Simply Earth essential oils and want an objective review. Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. 

With the essential oils industry booming after the resurgence of natural remedies to treat common problems, everyone seems to have an opinion on what the best essential oil brand is. But here’s the thing: the essential oils industry is unregulated meaning that the phrases “pure”, “therapeutic grade”, and “best” are very objective…and ultimately meaningless. 

Hunting for the perfect company for you is a daunting and overwhelming task. So before we get started today, I’m going to ask that you have a clear goal in mind for your essential oils journey. 

Are you looking to use essential oils to for the therapeutic benefits like treating anxiety, thyroid problems, sleep issues, and toe fungus? Or do you want to whip up some DIY cleaning recipes, make your laundry smell wonderful, and your home inviting? This is so important! If you just want to make some cleaning recipes than opting for a not-so-pure, cheaper brand won’t be the worst idea for your wallet. BUT. If you want to use essential oils to really harness their therapeutic benefits, then you are going to want a high-quality brand you can trust. 

Today, we’re going to review and rate Simply Earth essential oils on a scale of A+-F based on price, quality, and selection. To check out the specifics of our rating scale, go here. By the end of this article you’ll know if Simply Earth is the perfect brand for you. So do you have your goal in mind? Good. Let’s get started. 

The Basics: Who is Simply Earth? 

Simply Earth was created “to make having a natural home fun and easy at honest prices”. On their “Our Story” page it doesn’t say right off the bat that it is a family owned business but from reading the page, it seems like it might be. The founders say that it all started with Katie’s stinky feet (my first though was that maybe it’s their daughter). After finding a blend of essential oils that naturally eliminated the problem, they set out to bulk source oils to make them affordable for everyone.

Besides single essential oils, they offer blends, accessories, jewelry, and a monthly subscription recipe box that gives you 4 essential oils, natural ingredients, and fun extras. This is a $150 value for $39, which seems kind of wild to me because you are getting 4 essential oils! Some of these are roll-ons though which may decrease the price, but this is where our research on their quality to come in handy. It’s a pretty cool idea but we still need to dive in to their quality, pricing, and selection before knowing if we want to get on board. So let’s jump in to see if they’re successful in their mission to make natural living affordable and fun. 


Simply Earth’s essential oil prices are on the lower end of the average scale. Here’s what you can expect for some of the most popular essential oils:

Lavender $11.99  for 15mL 

Frankincense $19.99 for 15mL

Peppermint $11.99  for 15mL


On their site, Simply Earth has a decent amount on quality and testing. They display their GC/MS reports for all of the oils on their product page, which I absolutely love. So if you were to go to lemon essential oil it would say the origin of the oil, the extraction method, main constituents, testing results, and cautions. You can also plug in your lot # to learn your bottle’s specifics. 

On their “Simply Pure Promise” page they have map (a little blurry I might note) that let’s customers know where their oils were harvested from. Each origin is where the plant thrives. This is absolutely necessary in my book. I always like to think of it like this: would you rather have pizza from Pizza Hut or from Italy? Feel me? 

Their oils are harvested safely and fairly and then distilled through cold-pressing or steam-distillation. They say that they test each batch to ensure 100% purity but I don’t see anything about third party testing. And that is something I would like to see. 

Something that is a good sign is their 365 day Simply Earth Guarantee. That means that if you don’t like your oils, you have 365 days to return them. If a company doesn’t allow returns, that is an immediate red flag. 


Simply Earth has a pretty solid selection when it comes to single oils and blends. They also sell jewelry and accessories. Looking at their selection, I’d say Simply Earth would be a good choice for someone just getting started with essential oils and those who have been on the boat for a while. 

On their compare page, they compare their proprietary blends with doTERRA’s and Young Living’s blends (the two most popular essential oil companies). 

Another thing I like about Simply Earth is that they have a free e-book with recipes, tips, and tricks. This is so important for people who are just getting started with essential oils! They have a blog with a ton of great info as well as a dilution rates page and an “ask our aromatherapist page”. 

Simply Earth Essential Oils Rating 

From the looks of it, Simply Earth does a good job. I’m rating them an A on our scale of quality, pricing, and selection. An A on our scale means really great value on quality. These oils are perfect for therapeutic benefit and for those that want to use as a lifestyle. They may not offer some of the perks and other nuances of higher rated companies.

The only thing I would like to see more of would be quality. While they do have a good amount on their site, I would like to see some third party testing. 

Otherwise, Simply Earth essential oils are perfect for the newbie or the seasoned vet. The recipe box program seems like a great opportunity to grow into and more natural lifestyle while learning about different oils and recipes.

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