We love the natural, healthy life but you may be shocked to know that we don’t eat healthy 100% of the time. The holidays are a great time to indulge and we’ve learned how to balance and not go off the rails. In this episode, we’re sharing our favorite ways to indulge in the right way during the holiday season. 

First things first: it’s actually healthy to indulge a little! If you deprive yourself it can impact you emotionally and lose touch with yourself. 

  1. Make it Naughty: If you’re going to make it naughty, you’ve got to make it worth it. There are some treats that do it for you and there’s others that don’t do it for you. Don’t eat the latter! 
  2. Make it Healthy: If you’re not in a place where you’re going to eat conventional food or you’re dealing with a chronic condition there are ways to make foods healthy that are your conventional favorites. 
  3. Use Enzymes: gluten, dairy and general enzymes to help your body digest food and to avoid any reactions to additives, gluten, dairy etc. This will be especially helpful if you want to make your traditional holiday treats 
  4. Use Essential Oils: Specific oils can help you break down and digest food. Peppermint (tummy pain, digestion) and lemon (acid reflux, detox) are awesome for this. Ingest these oils via tea, veggie capsules. Learn how to ingest oils properly and check out the articles linked below. 
  5. Set Some Limits: eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving. For people who have more addictive personalities set yourself type and time limits. And know them and recognize that they are there to be kind to your body 
  6. Eat Before Going to Parties: this will help drive down some hunger hormones so when you’re at the party you won’t go crazy at the appetizer table! Eat an avocado or a handful of nuts 
  7. Keep Your Drinks Low-Sugar: It’s really easy to drink a lot so be conscious of what you’re drinking. Sugary drinks have a lot of calories and often are just not worth it. 
  8. Eat Earlier During the Day: give your body a chance to get through some of the digestion before you lay down for sleep. This helps increase enzyme production in gut and energy.  Think 4 or 5 o’clock for dinner. 
  9. Chew Your Food: slow down, chew your food, rev up digestion, and recognize when you’re full 

Featured in this episode…

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