Taking essential oils internally is a major topic of concern. Some people swear by it while others swear against it. But here’s the deal: I’ve done years of research, taken the Tisserand Essential Oils Safety course, and the verdict is in: internal use for essential oils is safe and effective. 

The number one thing to make sure of when taking oils internally is that you are using oils from a trusted company. No gas station or Walmart purchases! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are the 4 mistakes you can make when using oils internally. 

1.Taking them in water 

This is something I see over and over again with people on Instagram or other social media. They rave about how they do a drop of lemon or grapefruit in their water bottles to detox and speed up the metabolism. And while yes, these oils do have these benefits, adding oils directly to water is wrong. Here’s why: oils are not soluble in water, meaning they do not dissolve in water. Just like adding olive oil to water, the same thing happens with essential oils. 

If you want to take essential oils in a beverage, you must first mix it with something like raw honey and then add it to your water or tea. I mean, you’re not going to complain about getting to sweeten up your drink, are you?! 

Try mixing 1-2 drops of your essential oil of choice with a ½ to 1 teaspoon of raw honey and then add it to your beverage. 

2.Dropping them directly under your tongue, not diluted 

This is another big no-no! Essential oils are potent. These powerful little plant medicines need to be diluted before putting them anywhere near your mouth. Instead of dropping an essential oil directly in your mouth, first, mix it with something! A food-grade oil like coconut oil or olive oil will work or again, raw honey. Mix 1-2 drops of essential oil with a food-grade oil or raw honey and enjoy. Simple. 

3.Not diluting essential oils in a veggie cap 

Veggie caps are a great way to reap the benefits of essential oils–but only when you make them the right way. I often hear that people are adding drops of essential oil by themselves into a veggie cap and swallowing it down. You must must must add a food-grade oil (coconut, avocado, olive) to the capsule! All you need to do is add your drops of essential oil and fill up the capsule with your carrier oil. Mistake number 3 averted. 

4.Not using oils internally enough! 

I know, all the misinformation out there can be terrifying. But like I said, internal use of essential oils is safe when you source them from a trusted company and when you don’t make any of the mistakes above! 

When it’s done safely and appropriately, internal use of essential oils can be super beneficial for inflammation, thyroid, detox, and digestive support. 

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