With so many essential oil companies popping up every year, the task of choosing an essential oil company to get started with can feel daunting. I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked, “What is the best essential oil company to buy from?” I’m tackling this question in this episode, and I’ll go ahead and say it now—the answer might surprise you. 

4 Steps to finding a reputable essential oil company 

  1. Define your goal: are you interested in oils for therapeutic purposes? DIY recipes? Cleaning? This is important because you’ll need to consider selection, quality, and price. If you want to use oils for therapeutic purposes, it’s important to choose a company that does not skimp on quality. And if you just want to use oils for cleaning and DIY projects, then you might not need to spend so much money or have an extensive selection. 
  2. Where to purchase: Online purchasing is convenient and offers auto-ship options. There are a lot of better quality company options online. In-person purchasing has its pros too, for example, you can smell the oil, ask questions, and the oils are usually cheaper. 
  3. Cover the Basics: does this company use the botanical or plant species name? Any reputable oil company will include that name on the bottle. Are the oils in a dark-colored bottle (this is important for oils to keep their potency!)? Lastly, what are the ingredients? It’s critical to make sure the oils don’t contain any synthetics, fragrances, or mineral oils—only the essential oil should be listed. 
  4. Evaluate Transparency: the more a company shares facts, the better. Does the company perform 3rd party testing? Does the company supply batch test numbers on the oils? Does the company offer returns and good quality service? 

Featured in this episode…

If you want more help finding a reputable essential oil company, I have the perfect resource for you. You’ll want to go to our site at elevays.com and download The Essential Oil Buying Guide. This Free resource provides a summary analysis of more than 20 popular essential oil brands. We rate each company from A to F, so you know which ones are a *go* and which ones are an absolute NO – and believe me, there are some that you will NEVER want to use. If that sounds like a valuable resource to you, head over to Elevays.com and download this free resource

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