I get it. Going back to school for kids and parents might feel a little…weird right now. In the midst of this pandemic my friends and loved ones have been a lifeline. And I have talked to so many friends who range from feeling slightly nervous to terrified about the upcoming school year. 

If there were ever a time to use essential oils it is 100% right now. Our kids need a little extra support— heck!—WE, the parents probably need the most support. And oils can help. Whether you or your child is feeling anxious about the school year or you’re worried about rustling a teenager out of the bed each morning after a lazy summer in this episode I’ve got some oils that can save the day. We’re taking back to school essential oils for immunity, focus, energy, sleep and more. We’re even talking about what essential oils kill viruses. Let’s get into it. 

Immune Boosters 

  • Tea Tree: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory 
  • Frankincense: immune system support, cellular support 
  • Protective Blends: diffuse OnGuard to stimulate the immune system for flu and strep. Roll on doterra’s Stronger blend for kids before they walk out the door
  • Oregano Oil: nature’s antibiotic. Use for acute issues, when you/kiddos are coming down with something 
  • DoTerra Hand Sanitizer Mists and Wipes 

Homework Helpers 

  • Vetiver: calm focus 
  • Lavender: relaxing and soothing 
  • Rosemary: memory, brain stimulation, focus
  • DoTerra Thinker: contains vetiver and peppermint (absolutely perfect for standardized tests) 

Good Sleep 

  • Roman Chamomile: sedative for deep sleep  
  • Marjoram: easily seep 
  • DoTerra Calmer (lavender, roman chamomile) 


  • Bergamot: calming and soothing, reduces anxiety 
  • DoTerra Steady: fir oil for steady focus and relaxation


  • Citrus oils like wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine: great for mood, uplifting energy 
  • Minty oils like peppermint: fosters steady energy 

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