If your kids are going back to school and you want to learn how to boost their immune systems naturally, Erica and Isaac have got you covered. In this episode, they’re sharing how they make sure their kids are prepared for the cold and flu season. Discover healthy meals for picky eaters, the best multivitamins, and more. 

How to Boost Immunity for Kids 

  1. Foundation: healthy whole food diet with healthy fats 
    1. Avocados, chia seeds, grass-fed butter, olive oil 
    2. Stainless steel bottles with water 
  2. Watch excess sugar consumption 
    1. Juices, cookies, treats, cereals 
  3. Getting outside 
    1. Physical play 
    2. Vitamin D
  4. Multi-vitamin 
  5. Getting adjusted at your local chiropractor 
  7. Solid sleep routine 
    1. Blue light blocking night lights 
    2. Black out curtains 
    3. No nonsense about bedtime 
  8. Creating low-stress environments 
    1. Watch screen time/video games
    2. Promote gratitude practice 

Featured in this episode…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Night Lights 


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