Structured water, also known as magnetized or hexagonal water, is water with a structure that has been altered to form a hexagonal cluster of water molecules. The theory behind structured water is that its structure shares similarities with glacier and spring water and water that has not been contaminated by human processes, thus offering various health benefits for humans. 

Water research pioneer Dr. Masuro Emoto is best known for his high-speed photography experiments that showed the molecular structure of water as it freezes under a microscope. He compared polluted water (or water exposed to a hostile environment), which was asymmetrical and distorted, to water exposed to a positive environment and words of affirmation, which showed complex snowflake patterns. He did this by exposing water to different types of music, positive words, or negative words! What Emoto learned from this is that water could reflect the negative or positive words or music so he discovered that water has the ability to be programmed with information! 

Winner of the Emoto Peace Prize and bioengineering research scientist Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered H302, the fourth phase of water beyond solid, liquid, and vapor. H3O2 is the state between solid and liquid and slightly thicker than H20. In addition to discovering this water phase, Pollack coined the term exclusion zone water (EZ water) to describe how water in the human body can filter out the tiniest particles. Meaning, your body has an intuitive filter system. 

But how exactly does structured water come to be? 

Pollack discovered that water has a charge like a battery and can absorb energy from light. Because water can get energy the same way a plant does through a similar process like photosynthesis, this showed that water is much more adaptive and dynamic than previously believed. 

The visible light spectrum, ultraviolet light, and infrared light can create structured water. When regular H2O turns into H3O2, the extra protons for hydronium ions forming two separate parts of water: bulk water of hydronium ions with a positive charge and the hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped lattice of H3O2 with a negative charge and higher viscosity.

Others believe that you can turn regular water into structured water by magnetizing it through a process called vortexing, exposing it to natural heat and sunlight, or storing it in gemstone bottles. 

According to structured water proponents, this type of water exists naturally in untouched sources, including mountain springs and glacier melt. 

Potential Benefits

  • Increased energy 
  • Improved concentration and memory 
  • Weight loss and weight maintenance 
  • Supports immunity 
  • Detoxes the body 
  • Promotes better sleep 
  • Supports digestion; reduces constipation 
  • Increases longevity 
  • Improve skin health; blood circulation 
  • Stabilizes blood sugar 
  • Softer skin and hair 
  • Increased cellular function 
  • Increased oxygen 

A 2013 rat study analyzed the efficacy of magnetized, structured water on rats and found that the water decreased blood glucose levels and reduced blood and liver damage in rats with induced diabetes after eight weeks. 

Where can you find structured water? 

If the research is correct, you can find structured water in natural spaces sans contamination: mountains, glaciers, rivers, etc. 

There are also innovative products on the market that offer exciting benefits! 

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You can also check out the Portable Structured Water Device by Natural Action Technologies. This product mimics nature through motion and material with a unique, innovative design. 

Final Thoughts 

Structured water offers many exciting benefits. If you’re looking to up your hydration check out our Hydration Superfood Energy powder—it’s strawberry-kiwi flavor and the most thirst-quenching stuff you’ll ever try. 

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