If you love Mother Earth and are making all the moves to go green including ditching plastic water bottles, you’ve probably invested in a reusable water bottle (hopefully a stainless steel one). Now that we have that out of the way- let’s talk about the water you’re filling your eco-friendly bottle with.

There is some controversy over whether tap water is actually bad for you. Today, I’m going to give you all the facts and convince you to make the switch to filtered drinking water for you and your family.

Problems Associated With Tap Water

Making the switch to filtered water is a simple way to upgrade your health. You know how important it is to drink water- we’re told to drink at least half our weight in ounces of water a day. Water keeps our organs working at optimal function, helps flush out toxins, hydrates, keeps our skin glowing, and our brain working. Unfortunately, if we are drinking water that is filled with dangerous chemicals- none of these things will happen.

Common Offenders Found In Tap Water

  • VOC’s: volatile organic compounds
  • Heavy metals
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals

Tap water contains fluoride. There is no “but in such small doses” to argue in this case. Half of the maximum allowed concentrations of fluoride in drinking water is shown to significantly alter our thyroid hormones. Not only that, but fluoride is a neurotoxin and at high doses correlates with a 7 point decrease in IQ.

The next problem with tap water is rooted in plumping. Nearly 30% of U.S. plumbing infrastructure has lead piping, lead plumbing components or lead service lines. Most of these being more than 50 years old! After completing a nationwide study, The Center for Disease Control said that as out-of-date lead pipes and parts start to break down- lead leaches into tap water. The scary part about lead is that it is found in blood and adversely affects fertility and liver function.

One of the last problems to note with tap water is the sanitation method. Despite studies that link chlorinated water to colorectal and bladder cancer, the government continues to sanitize water with chlorine. Just like some companies traded BPA for other plastic chemicals,  some areas traded chlorine for chloramine- which can actually be worse. For starters, chloramine’s byproducts may be carcinogenic and they are impossible to remove by distillation or boiling. In addition, chloramine doesn’t destroy pathogens as well as chlorine does.

Best Water Filters

There is a solution to all this madness though and that is filtered water! There are so many wonderful products on the market that can make your drinking water healthy and as beneficial as it is supposed to be!

AquaTru Filter

Recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman, the AquaTru Filer is the first countertop reverse osmosis filter that doesn’t require any installation or plumbing. What’s even better is that it works more efficiently than traditional under the sink filters.

This 4-stage filtration system removes over 20x more contaminants than the best-selling pitcher filter removing lead, chromium 6, PFA and PFOA, and carcinogens form disinfection byproducts, percolate, MTBE, and prescription drug residue.

More pros: easy to set up, maintain, and move. The filter needs to be changed every six months and a light will indicate that time.

Berkey Water Filters

Great filter options are Berkey Water Filters. Berkey’s filters not only offer great tasting water but they also have awesome portable options that don’t require water pressure or electricity! Berkeys are great because they filter heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, VOCs, parasites and other chemicals.

One of the cons with Berkeys is that they require counter space, which shouldn’t be a problem if under-counter or permanent spaces aren’t available!

14-Stage Water Filter

An under the counter water system option is the Radiant Life 14-Stage Water Filter System. This 14-Stage system is super unique in the fact that it uses 3 purifiers (reverse osmosis and two deionization) to purify your water. This system removes 99% of fluoride, chloramine, chlorine and other chemicals while not stripping minerals or adding them back in. It can provide water at a daily low cost of under .50 per day to the whole family and is not ridiculously expensive.

There are other good options on the market but these are some of the very best!



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