Do you feel like your life is too chaotic? Are you overwhelmed on a daily basis? In this episode, I’m going to show you how to simplify your life. Consider this episode a guide to redesigning your life so that you can love the life you live! I’ll talk about why it’s crucial to understand the relationship of stress and adrenal fatigue. You’ll learn the power behind a self check in and my 4 other tips for reclaiming your calm and power in 2022. Let’s dive in. 

What is the relationship between stress and adrenal fatigue? Chronic stress is the biggest driver of adrenal fatigue and if you don’t take time to nourish your nervous system, you’ll feel the effects. Think lethargy, insomnia, skin issues, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and more. Addressing adrenal fatigue and chronic stress is the most important thing to do in 2022 to reclaim your calm! Here are my best tips:

  1. Create regular self check in’s: this involves getting out of the fog and looking at your life more as an observer and asking powerful questions. 
  2. Design a path to create what you want: what action steps will you take to create a life that you desire?
  3. Adopt systems for success: what routines, habits or failsafes can you practice to keep you on track or to buffer when things don’t go as planned?
  4. Get support: who can you bring alongside to walk with you along the way? Who’s support do you need to create the results that you want to see?
  5. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Where can you create more space for yourself? This often involves saying not to one thing so that you can ultimately say yes to what you want 

I hope these tips will help you see a way forward to create a year of calmness and confidence. If you need extra support in being the best version of yourself—whether it’s higher energy, more radiant skin, or building a resilient immune system check out our Superfood Supplements. All of our products are formulated to taste delicious and get results. Thanks for tuning in. 

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