Most people feel confused and overwhelmed about how to eat for optimal health.  But the conventional way —fad diets, long lists of rules and eating restrictions— is also a quick way to ruin a desire to eat clean and nourish yourself well. 

After consulting clients for over 10 years on this exact topic, we’ve led people in making changes to the way they eat that has resulted in massive weight loss, disease reversal, long lasting energy and an overall feeling of mastery over their nutrition. If you want to create a customized nutrition plan template for yourself and feel like you’re WINNING with how you’re eating, this episode is for you. 

Eating healthy is not about perfection—it’s not about restrictive dieting. It’s about tapping into your intuition and biohacking your biology to make decisions that support the wellness and future you desire. 

Let me ask you something. What value does your body have to you? Do you think of food as energy and nourishment? And do you make food choices based on the value of your life? 

Nourishment is an investment. Getting into that mindset will change everything. In part 1 of our 2 part episode about food, we’re talking about 2 things to consider when creating your customized nutrition plan and easy action steps you can take. 

Things to Consider When Creating Your Customized Nutrition Plan 

  1. How much sugar am I eating? 
  2. What is the fat content of this food? 

Stay tuned for part 2 to learn about the last four important things to consider when creating your personal nutrition plan. 

Featured in this episode…

The Right Way to Make a Superfood Smoothie 




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