Do you struggle with low energy and skin issues? How about a poor functioning immune system? The thing is, all of these things are connected—and in this episode, Erica is diving into why. 

In their client coaching business, low energy in women is a common theme, and adrenal fatigue is to blame. Skin issues, low immunity, and extreme tiredness (even after a whole night’s sleep) are some of the most common adrenal fatigue symptoms. 

Healthy adrenal function is the key to everything we want as women: balanced hormones, radiant skin, high energy, healthy metabolism, a resilient stress response, and more. You’ll learn how your adrenals impact your energy levels, appearance, and immune system. 

Energy Levels: the adrenals are in charge of producing cortisol which has many jobs, including regulating energy levels and the stress response. AF is essentially a cortisol imbalance issue; that’s why people with AF can wake up after 9 hours in bed and still feel tired. It’s also why at 11:00 at night, you may get that tired but wired feeling. 

Appearance: most people who struggle with AF are also dealing with poor sleep quality. This lack of sleep has an impact on your skin and radiance. The adrenals also drive the production of other hormones like androgens and sex hormones, and when those are out of balance, you can experience acne, thinning hair, sagging skin, and even facial hair. 

Immune System: your immune system lives in your gut, and your gut and hormones, especially adrenal hormones and closely tied together. When you are stressed (cue adrenal hormone release), digestion is no longer prioritized, and our gut health is compromised. When gut health is compromised, so is immune health. Your adrenals are also in charge of helping your body return to homeostasis when you get sick. This requires a lot of energy, so when adrenals are compromised, so is your immune system. 

How to Support Yourself in These Areas? 

  • Nutrition is critical (we love our Beauty Collagen Complex for gut health) 
  • Healthy stress management is essential (our adaptogens found in our Beauty Collage Complex and adaptogenic mushrooms in our Organic Immunity Greens are powerful)
  • Healthy sleeping habits and a nighttime routine 
  • Adrenal supplements can help get you on the right track now. Check out our Live Well Bundle. 

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